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  • Nuclear familly

    Nuclear familly

    Quand Ninia Baehr et Genora Dancel ont poursuivi en justice l'état du Hawaii pour le droit de n'épouser en 1991, aucun état, en effet aucun pays, a reconnu le droit de couples de même sexe de se marier. Les groupes de droits des homosexuels à l'époque se sont opposés

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  • Places and forms of power

    Places and forms of power

    Here, we can say that the weapons are part of their culture and it is a part of their power. The problem is that nowadays there are more and more violence and death in the US because of the weapons. II/The life armed of the Americans begets violence Because

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  • Rapport de stage, developing effective manager

    Rapport de stage, developing effective manager

    I can say that my leadership in group work often works, but I do not know if it will work in the world of work. I did several internships but I never had a responsibility because internships in Morocco are not taken seriously. The trainee is used to do

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  • Responsabilité légal et déontologie

    Responsabilité légal et déontologie

    À la suite des commentaires des dizaines de travailleurs interrogés par l'AssociatedPress, le document rédigé par l’association sur les conditions de travail décrit la dure réalité des travailleurs et les travailleuses de l’entreprise Converse. En fait, la compagnie de vêtements Nike a encore beaucoup de chemin à faire avant

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  • Salut


    Then Goto 8Ù IfEndÙ If A=7 And B=0 And C=0Ù Then 4ãCÙ Goto 0Ù IfEndÙ If A=3 And C=4Ù Then Goto 9Ù IfEndÙ If A=4 And C=4Ù Then Goto AÙ IfEndÙ If A=3 And B=1 And C=0Ù Then Goto BÙ IfEndÙ If A=4 And B=1 And C=0Ù Then Goto CÙ

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  • Same sex mariage in Switzerland

    Same sex mariage in Switzerland

    In addition, the Conservatives reasoning is mainly influenced by the religious ideology, more specifically Christianism in Switzerland. As they consider homosexuality as unnatural, they are outraged by the idea of same sex marriage. Indeed, in 2013, the Christian-democrate party (PDC) tried to introduce a law that would provide some

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  • Spaces and exchanges - gap year

    Spaces and exchanges - gap year

    - (…) advantages and drawbacks Gap years help young people to develop more of an appreciation for foreign cultures, and in a global marketplace where people and businesses from all over the world are connected, this can be invaluable and you can also get an understanding of a new

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  • Sur la terre un samedi soir

    Sur la terre un samedi soir

    - Je sais danser. – Moi aussi. - Je ne sais pas danser. – Moi non plus (you can’t say here : « Moi aussi »). She received a standing ovation. (Elle a eu droit à une acclamation debout.) So did he. (Lui aussi.) We are not at all worried.

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    people per day around their free downloadable movies, series and music . It was the most popular and the biggest website of streaming but on January 19, 2012, the United States department of justice shut it down with all other websites linked to it. They were accused of copyright infrigment.

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  • Terminologie économique anglaise

    Terminologie économique anglaise

    This fundamental belief in the efficiency of markets was restated by Friedrich v. Hayek, in the Use Knowledge. Hayek states that all producers (all agents working in an economy) have knowledge about their work. Hayek then argues that it is impossible for a central planner (a government) to collect

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  • The battle of England

    The battle of England

    I choose the source 2 to show the aim of the German army which is to annihilate the enemy country , the Germans drop the bombs everywhere in the city randomly they don't care about where it will fall and if civils can be the target of the bombs.

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  • The big challenge 2013

    The big challenge 2013

    At the end of an email to a good friend, you can write “Love”. 22. Give Jennifer your pullover, Paul. She ................ cold. A. has B. is very C. has got some D. can have The correct answer is B. Give Jennifer your pullover, Paul. She is very cold.

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  • The brand Harley Davidson

    The brand Harley Davidson

    situé au USA. Cette entreprise a été créé en 1903 est le premier constructeur de grosse moto. Au début des année 1903, William Harley et Arthur Davidson construisent des prototypes de moto dans leur cuisine. Le père de Davidson leur met a disposition sa cabane pour qu’il puisse continuer à

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  • The history of women in america from domesticity to civil rights

    The history of women in america from domesticity to civil rights

    A lot of female's author tried to denounced the cult of domesticity, but not all women's were likely to rebel. Te author catherine beecher for example was deeply convinced that women did have the best role, because men were gentle with them and they didn't have to work and

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  • The idea of progress: Should we fear the progress ?

    The idea of progress: Should we fear the progress ?

    to replaced his leg by artificial members. In 2013 it’s 7000 people bore artificial leg. That show us a good side of progress. Then,in a movie Splice starring by Vincenzo Natali show us that the engineers manage to mix DNA of different animals to create a nex species for medical

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