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Idea of progress: man-machines

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- The admiration of the fans for this heroes also contribute to the birth of myths. Indeed, certain singer are considered as semi-gods by their fans. The songs they sing, the shows they give, the lyrics they write give them an aura bit by bit during their career.

- We studied in class the document “A Tucker fan”. It's an extract from the novel “Juliet, naked”. It's about Duncan, a absolute fan of an american song witer called Tucker Crowe. He wrote a book, organized conventions and contributed to a radio documentary about the singer. He gives his whole life to his idol, even if he have to sacrifice his private life.

- This type of addiction is frequent with singers who are very successful, for exemple this 10 last years with the One Direction.


- In this way, there are different reason to say that the singer could be considered as myths or heroes

- Indeed, a lot of singers decided to take position in different cause which were impotant at each of their era. Moreover, the perfomences they offer to their audience reinforce the image of myth they have

- Finally, the admiration of their fan for them makes us more and more iconic and that's why we can consider them as myths or heroes.


- Introduction of the notion Seats and forms of power.

- Definition: The power is the ability to influence people's opinion. In a society people have to accept rules and laws which helps to create cohesion but also create conflicts and tensions. Even when authority seems absolute, there are always couter-powers which question it.

- Topic chosen to illustrate: INDIA IN THE MOVE

- I decided to answer to the question: Are all the Indian citizens on a equal footing ?

- I'm gonna develop two parts : first we will see the inequalities between the citizens and then the inequalities between man and woman

- Inequalities between citizens.

- Let's begin with the inequalities between the citizens

- India is divided into four unequal, hereditary, social castes, making up the caste system. If someone was born into one of these castes, they can’t change or marry someone belonging to another one. We study the exemple of dalits. This is an other group which is called an outcaste because they are not considered as a normal caste. They are also known as Untouchables because people from other caste are not allowed to touch them. This is the lowest caste of the indian society. Indeed Dalits are only allowed to practice certain jobs such as cleaners or cobblers.

- Even though the cast system is forbidden, it still exists in rural areas. The discrimination against Dalits still exists. Indeed, they are forced to use specific eating places, schools, temples and water sources.

- Today, there are 170 million Dalits in India and over 40% survive with less than 2 dollars a day.

- It’s the most important form of discrimination among citizens in India. But it exists an other kind of discrimination in India

- Discrimination between man and woman

- I wanna talk about the gender inequalities

- The dowry tradition is the largest inequality between men and women. When an Indian girls prepares to marry, their families have to give a dowry or a gift to their future husband’s family as compensation to the groom’s parents for the cost of educating their son. If after the wedding, the girl’s family has not paid the dowry, the woman can be

torture even sometimes killed.

- Moreover, there is an other problem with indian women. It is called the 50 million missing

girl . Indeed in India, a lot of girls are killed at birth. There are several reasons for these murders. One is the dowry tradition: raising a boy is financially more attractive because you can receive money when the boy gets married. A girl isn't as financially attractive as a boy because their parents have to pay for her wedding.

- The indian families also prefer to have boys because they can look after family business and name when the parents are old.

- Even if finding out the sex of a baby before birth is illegal, sex-selective abortions are practised. In 2011, the female infanticide has resulted in a gender imbalance as

there are 940 Indian girls for every 1000 boys.


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