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Idea of progress (BAC): How has progress allowed us to make our modern-day life better ?

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firm. He’s gay and has AIDS. When the firm figures those two facts out, he alleges, it fires him. Beckett wants to sue, but has trouble finding a lawyer to take his case. He ends up with a young homophobic attorney, Joe Miller.

Throughout the movie, the strong minded Beckett was able to change other people’s mindset about homosexuality and AIDS.

This movie was actually the first to acknowledge HIV/AIDS. Not only that, but the film explored issues related to homosexuality and homophobia. Director Jonathan Demme hoped the film would take the stigma off the disease... and it did.. Philadelphia was aimed at an everyday audience that was largely uneducated about the disease. After its release, HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia were no longer issues to be discussed in hushed voices.

IV. Conclusion

We can obviously see the impact of The Industrial Revolution upon our modern society. We consider it a huge progress because it without it because the world would be extremely different to how it is today. Put it this way, if the Industrial Revolution had never happened we might still be growing all of our own food and making all of our own clothes. Our way of living got better because of it .

The movie Philadelphia can also be considered as a progress because it changed the view some people had on homosexuality in general and may be responsible for our more open minded society.

Indeed , now we have homosexual marriage and also, in some countries , gay people can make to choice to adopt a child.


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