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Idea of progress

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show new types of families in an entertaining way but which also allows people to think about important issues such as same-sex couples or blended families.

In fact, in the Modern family (in 2009), it shows three aspects of the family: the blended family (because there’s an age difference between the man and the woman and the boy is the woman’s son); the nuclear family (there are a father, a mother and 3 children); and finally a same-sex couple, they have a baby.

 Then, women have access to higher education and work, so there’s an impact on the structure of the family, and more precisely, on the gender roles

To illustrate that, we saw an extract of Desperate Housewives when Lynette goes to a job interview. She decides to take her baby with her. First, It gives a bad impression because it seems she’s not able to organize her private and professional lives. The stereotype illustrated here is that women can’t do have it all. Her family life will always interfere with her professional life. However, she changes the diaper of her baby while explaining her ideas and projects for her jobs. She can do several things. She shows her ability to manage her job.


To conclude, I can say, with the emergence of new family profiles, American society in particular and western societies in general, appear to be more diverse and tolerant.

So, since the 19th century, the society evolved and I think it is a good thing for the progress of society but it contributes to making the world a better place.

However, if we can see a real progress into the sex gender, there still has many problems of inequalities in terms of salaries and new family structures might be dangerous for emotional stability of children.We have seen changes in society have had an impact on family structures, is it also the case in other countries of the world? (ouverture)


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