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Idea of progress, the bundaries of science

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cells for experiences that had such a great success that it embodies a cornerstone in medicine but no one knew who she was and her family was so poor because was not offered recognition that it could not even afford medical helps.

Progress of science and its application on society induce inequalities. Gender selection is a very expensive process so only rich have access to it. Is that fair?  And sometimes, in some countries, it can cause economic issues like in india as blames the journalist in the video  about the gendercide. India’s future is threatened by the rise of proportion of boys and of abortion of girls. Because population can know the sex of their baby they are now ready to pay as much as they can to abort their baby if it is a girl. bc Daughters are believed to cost more. So progress of science can push some populations to take very immoral decisions.

But are we playing gods by manipulating births and modificate our nature? Is progress not some how a danger? Connecting our brain, organs which not only controls our actions but also is what determine who we are, with a computer, as it is praised in the article, might be very dangerous. The device would serve as a translator between the electrochemical language of the brain (even the subconscious part)  and the digital computer systems. And computers are very often synonymous with hacking.

So I think, even if it is not mentioned in the article, we are trying to master the human nature. While, in my opinion, some informations should remain a mystery and we should not push too far our abilities to ameliorate our condition. 

I think that science should pursue mankind well-being improvement. People are not equal to face illness or disease and doctors and scientists look for solutions to cure or prevent them. Of course, money or self ambition may corrupt this scientific quest and scientists should abide by law or in case law is not yet written as science opens new fields of ethical questions, stay accountable to pairs or to ethics committees.


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