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The idea of progress, definition

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With this document, we see that the notion of progress is ambivalent. She is also the lead actress of our evolution, but it is also the main cause of the development of inequalities of today's world.

The second document that I will use to illustrate the concept, is also a film, which is named GATACA. The story also takes place in the near future, in a world where we can genetically program the capacity of humans to their births. But we also find the idea of ​​money, being given that genetic programming is expensive. Inequality and conflict thus created between normal humans, and programmed humans. They will be promoted in all fields. They are superior in all, faster, stronger, smarter, etc... We thus find the same idea as in IRobot. The creation of supermen, either through a robotic technology, or by genetic science, is a crisp subject for science-fiction fans, and idealistic for a better world, a more advanced human species. But again this vision of progress has advantages and disadvantages. The whole world will be more efficient, but those who do not have the means to evolve will be set aside, abandoned.

The human species is the species that evolved as fast on Earth. So fast that everything else (the planet, animals, plants, etc ..) is forced to adapt to the operation of human life. But we are moving so fast that our environment does not have time to adapt. Which create the current controversy over the destruction of the planet and the extinction of other species. Our too rapidly evolving dig ditches between each generation. And those who do not follow the rhythm of progress are removed completely and undergo the evolution of the species.

The last thing I would use to illustrate the concept appears in many articles. I speak of humans who, at present, it's either because of accidents or because of defects, replace some of their members or organs of robotic technology. They are named bionics human. I would take the example of Rob Spence, who has been following an accident; replace one of his eyes with a camera. This camera can film everything he sees and retransmit it on screens.

The progress from the point of view of medicine is highly beneficial to the evolution of the species. In addition, it includes many fields connected with progress. Like Technology, genetically sciences, and many other. But yet the same problem of inequality related to money prevents certain classes of access. Today, bionic technologies are expensive, complicated, and offer results that are of course not worthy movies. But later, robotics will allow the medicine to save more lives. Of course in parallel research on the genetic progress as the future of medicine will certainly be very different from today.

In conclusion, I would say that progress has advantages and disadvantages. We are evolving much faster than other species, but the consequences are heavy. Inequality, destruction. Progress does not concern only one domain. If medicine progresses, the arming is also growing. Besides military technologies are often more developed than others. Everything goes so fast that the planet itself cannot adapt. Progress is beneficial in many ways, but is very complicated to manage, and the consequences are often problematic


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