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Idea Of Progress - Consumerism

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buy something new I guess.

Usually, when its November, we receive a lot of christmas advert showing the newest toys and all. There’s also a picture of Santa Claus telling us to buy things to our relatives. It shows « uncle sam » disguised as santa claus and he points us with his finger saying « I want you to spend a lot of money to prove that you love your family ». With that, we can see how commercial can be christmas. It is like people forget about the real values of this supposed to be family moment and just care about its economical aspect and of course, I am not talking about everyone.

PARTIE 3: Consuming too much is creating a newest problem in the society. Indeed, as they buy too much things, people waste. That is why some others persons estimated that it would be great to return back to a cashless society. This kind of society would be about barter. Exchanging things for things and no need to use any money. Some others created « freeganism ». This is a mix of free and vegan. I’m sure you know what a vegan is since Juliette talked about it last week. Anyway, freeganism consists in eating what people don’t and without paying for it. For example, freegans usually do the « dumpster-diving ». They reach for wasted foods in restaurant’s dustbins etc.

CONCLUSION: Personally, I think that it would be hard to change our consumption habits because we got used to it for too much time by now. It would take almost forever to make everyone change his mind about how to consume or not. It seems like we develop a constant need to show how wealthy we are even if we’re so not... It is just for ego. I truly believe that we should change our consumption habits because it would be better for us. We will not always feel bad if we don’t have what someone else has. We will stop being so obsessed with material goods and care more about what really matters like family or health.


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