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Idea of Progress cas

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the crops. However, we can discuss if they are harmless or dangerous for our health. Proponents of Monsanto advocates hat over 90 percent of the corn crops use GMOs and so far there hasn’t been any known problems. On the other hand opponents oppose the fact that therefore, people haven’t got any choice and are forced to eat GMOs even if they don’t trust them. Independent studies insist on the long term devastating and hazardous effect of GMOs which can cause illness such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes or even infertility. Yet, Monsanto strongly denies the quality of those studies they consider unreliable since their own studies prove there is no danger GMOs are not dangerous.

To conclude, this notion bring some explication about of the genetics especially on the food. And we saw the progress do in science and the progress who can be make in the future. The science progress can save many people all around world and help people in starvation. But eat GMOs is before all a choice that we made. Some people think that the productivity of a company like Monsanto, is more important for the company than anything else even they assure that their products are saved. Then, there are some progress we have to make in the future but also point out some potential dangers. In addition the notion of idea of progress doesn’t stop to the science progress or genetics but it can also touch the technological progress with advances in communication with internet, social network.


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