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Idea of progress: To what extent India can be called a country on the march

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Spaces and exchanges

I'm going to talk about the notion spaces and exchanges. Today, our world is very complex to understand. In fact, people are sharing more and more every day with the world. We share goods, services, capital, money, men or knowledge. Many countries are emerging thanks to the globalization or other no. India is a country with contrast between tradition and modernnisation. We are going to ask ourselves how India becomes an actor in globalization ?

Firstly, we will see the culture of India then emerging power of the world.

1)Culture of India

- In the world, we recognize the India for the traditional dance , music and coloful clothes, the spicy food and movies thanks to BOOLYWOOD.

- the indian culture has been enriched with customs, tradtions and rituals by the occupation and immigrants of arabs,the persian and the british.

- In india, have been born many religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

- Hinduism is the majority religious , this religion transmits the tolerance, the no-violence and the vegetarian diet

- the values are transmited by Gandhi, the icon of peace

- he won the independance from India in a pacifist way against the United kingdom

This rich and varied culture has allowed india to become an emerging power of the world

2)Emerging power of the world

- Today India is a country with a lot of inequalities between the citizens with the caste system and between men and women, here the reason is the dowry traditon

- but India is the largest democracy in the world with a population of 12 billion habitants

- India has become a booming

- Doc Ariang News like India's economy in 2015 by kim ji

- India is on course to overtake china as the fastest growing economy in the world

- The Rapid economic growth has attracted investors in the manufacturing sector and they produce for other countries

To conclude, India is a very diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious country , we can see a sharing of knowledge and ideologie. Also with a huge population, the country particpate in trade exchanges in the world. We can confirm that india is an actor in globalization.

Myths and heroes

I 'm going to talk about the notion myths and heroes. It's possible to represent heroes in different ways. He can be an ordinary, a political, a warrior or fiction person. The heroe is a person who makes sacrifices for a cause that seems noble and just.

How can we to be the hero of a movement ?

Firstly, we will see the heroe of political movement and secondly the not typical heroe of revolutionary movement.

1)heroe of political movement

- like Barack obama's speech after the Orlando shooting

- Obama was the first and only black president of the United States

- the 12 jun 2016 in a school of Orlando was a mass shooting

- obama uses his notoriety with a emotional speech for sensitize the american population of the gun control

- We can also speak of emma Waston with the feminism movment

- She is a very famous actress and like Obama she uses her notoriety for to win a equality between men and women

2)not typical heroe of revolutionary movement

- like Sex pistols with the punk movment in the United Kingdom

- Sex pistols is an English punk band created in 1975 in London

- Thid group is famous because they are they are the initiation of the movement.

- With The single God Save the Queen was a attack of British monarchy

- The sex pistols are usually perceived as emblematic of the punk movement.

- Their anti-society attitude allowed them to be the icon of punk movement

To conclude, we can to be a heroe of movement with just political actions. Like Obama and Ema watson, they use their popularity for change the world and give a good example. But we can to be a heroe of movement like Sex pistols. This group fights our opinions punk, they are revolutionaries. even if we can say the anti-society of this group, you can qualifed them anti-heros but they are not the icon of everybody.


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