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Sites and forms power: to what extent universities are instruments of power?

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On the other hand, Getting a college education is considered a stepping stone to the American dream, but achieving that dream is growing increasingly more difficult for millions of Americans because of the spiraling costs of higher education. State support for higher education continues to shrink as financial pressures squeeze budgets at state capitals across the nation. To make up for shortfalls in state funding, universities are raising tuition and fees, forcing college students and their families deeper into debt. Even if its expansive, it is worthy paying to study in these universities, because this increase their career chances. Besides, the government justify its decision in saying that students who will graduate will be able to find a well-paid job and earn a good living. Given Ian Witherby, we can conclude that what really matter to him is to do what he want to do in life no matter what it cost. In addition, James Bartle a member of the UK youth parliament for Newcastle thinks that if universities want to maintain their standards, university fees have to be costly. Moreover, universities lack money so students have to pay in order to fulfill the gap. If university lack money, they will become less prestigious and their degrees will be less valuable. In his opinion, student have to see tuition fees as an investment in the future.

To sum up, universities are sites of power. Power is often regarded as a form of domination. It is seen in a win-lose relationship. Having power involves taking it subtly or by force and use it to control and dominate. In politics, those who rule control resources and decision-making. Universities are linked to government and the state should invest in education with its responsibility to create a skilled labor force that supplies workers who are capable of meeting economic needs. In my opinion, the university has all this power upon students: the money and the emancipation are the most important form of power in university. They take part in the evolution of becoming an adult. Although, with the rise in tuition fees the government closes the door in front of many students.


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