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Spaces and exchanges:  To what extent, can we say that sports unites people? 

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And in second part, these athletes at the centre of the scandals.

For a long time, sports have been very important for people, there are a lot of fans in different sports, but sometimes the athletes are seen as heroes. Athletes can have a very important role because they represent a city, a nation… They can be idols for children, because they show the courage, determination, sports values... For example, the disabled athletes, at the Paralympic, can be considered like heroes, because that people training hard for the competition and the success, but also against their diseases. This is an example for us, it’s the proof than nothing is impossible.

In this second part, these athletes are famous thanks to their talent, but sometimes they create scandals. We can see at the television or on the internet sports scandals like the doping, the corruption, drugs. These is not the values of a hero. Today I think, a child cannot be considered the football players, Karim Benzema, like a hero because he gives a bad idea of sports. Also, Oscar Pistorius was a hero at the Paralympic but after the scandal, he was a killer. These athletes don’t respect the values of sports, because with the media, their stupidities are broadcast everywhere.

To conclude, the sport is important but all not the athletes respect his values. The medias used word “hero” for defining the athletes, but it’s not true in all cases, mostly, with the scandals.


Idea of progress

In first time, I will talk to you about idea of progress. I have decided to treat the subject of sports because, there is a relation between sports and this notion. Progress can have different aspects: mechanics progress, scientist, economics.

To what extent, can we say… push sports limits further can be seen as progress?

To respond to the problem, I am going to presented:

In first part, the progress in sports and in the media.

And in second part, the progress or cheating.

For a long time, the sports are more publicized. We can see that, at the Paralympic Games in London in 2012 compared to Beijing. For example, Oscar Pistorius, he was the first athlete to compete both in the Olympic Games and in the Paralympic Games. This is the proof, able-bodied athletes and disabled athletes are more close with the scientific progress. Also there is an economic evolution, because, today, the money is dominating world sports. Let’s take the example of the Super Bowl during which 30 seconds of commercials can cost more than $ 2 million.

For a long time, the evolution of sport is caused by technological discoveries. An athlete is bound to always improve his performances. Some sportsmen and women seem ready to go beyond the ethic limits. For example, sometimes we can see these athletes used drugs for their performances in different sports like cyclist with the scandals Armstrong. So we can say there are no justice between the athletes if some take illegal products for the sport activities. This doping corrupts the ideal of sports values.

To conclude, the sports advances with the technologic progress. But the athletes are in danger because they want the success, they are ready for anything like take drugs.


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