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Myths and heroes: to what extent are myths and heroes cornestones of our societies?

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Nevertheless, heroes aren’t just icons, they are also people that carries values through their actions and through their speeches.

II - During long time, the world have to face a multitude of problems that permits the persons to raise up and give hope again to the population.

• According to me, the man who’s was not afraid to stand up, was Martin Luther King during the 50’. With the help of Rosa Park, the women who was arrested because she didn’t want to givie her place to a white man in the bus.

• They stand up against the government for the equality between black and white. Martin Luther King made speech “I have a dream” that sentence made him famous. He was killed in 1968 for being a visionary.

• Rosa Park also was consider as a hero. These both people, by their actions and fights, give hope to the black population, the courage and the force to fight against the government, for their values.

Moreover, the fight of M. Luther King has been made for something because for the first time since 2008 the US has had its first black President: Barack Obama. I would also like to add that the is a quote of the famous rapper Jay-Z that reunites these role models of the black community in the United States saying “Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther king walked so that Obama could run, Obama is running so we can all believe in flying.”

They are people of every day like firemans for exemple during the 11 september

In conclusion, all societies are based on myths and heroes. Some of them are for all and for good keystones, but others had to cope with criticism and political depreciation. I am saddened by the latter case, particularly concerning the counterculture movement, because young people tend to focus on fake heroes, such as celebrities, and aren't aware of the rat race they are into. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the manifest destiny myth allowed massacres. Societies will always need myths and heroes, they just need to find the good ones.


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