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Entrainement à l’épreuve n°2 :

What factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating corporations ? Give examples of a company (or of companies) you admire and those you don’t admire and explain why.

Nowadays, the goals of compagnies are to be productive. They want to raise their profits even if they are harmful for the environment and their employees.

According to me, the factors who should be taken into consideration for evaluating compagnies is : his environmental responsibility, his ecological impact and his labor policies. The compagnies should not be wrong for the environment or for the humanity. It means, do not lower pay small producers and workers to make more profits. The compagnies must respect the hygiene and health standards for the security of the costumers. And they also shouldn’t pollute excessively the earth which is one of the mean preoccupation of the world lately.

The compagnie that I am agree with and which, I think is respectable is Max Havelaar. Indeed, this is a compagnie about fair trade and environmental protection. The steps between the producers and the distribution reduce they profits in order to the small producers can sells their productions more expensive. In this way, producers increase their profit and have a better lifestyle.

I think that lately, the underdeveloped countries are exploited. Thereby, they don’t have the same chances to have our lifestyle and with our pursuit of been richer and bigger, we forget the humanity side.

Entrainement à l’épreuve n°3 :

The document is a record which name’s "The workplace today". This document provided from a radio which name is Workplace DC. The radio host is john, who is interviewing Alice Wonder.

Alice Wonder is a manager of Employee Assistance Program of Washington DC. She is working on this program since 40 years as a psychologist. Moreover EAP is a free program which is open 24/24 and 7/7.

EAP has evolved since his creation this is not only an alcohol program anymore. They treats another problems like drugs, smoke, divorces…

The goal of this program is to help employees that they are stressed and have some problems on their life. So they are less productive in their work because of personal problems and stress, and they take a lot of days off.

The major problems that the program deals with substance abuse and family problems. EAP also deals with minor problems.


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