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This situation is serious to the workers who live in extreme poverty with not any rights. These workers need some recognition about their work and their wages. In the same time producers and consumers are the victims of supermarkets.

The second document is a press release from UEDS dated May 15, 2010 at 8:45, and it's for citizens and MUIS (Union of companies and businesses of the south islands).

It's an "answer" to the previous press release. The UEDS regretted the past problems during the strike organized by the MUIS, because that does penalize consumers and employees.

In addition, because of the situation of the previous strikes, they are anxious of violence and possible slippages in this actual strike like overflows from June 2009.

The claims of MUIS are clear and heard but we are in a time of crisis and UEDS can't make decisions.

Indeed, the market gardeners are not the only in difficult situation. It mentions that the repercussions of the economic crisis touch all categories of the population like super market. For UEDS, supermarket suffer against the increased operating costs, the high social taxes

and stranger competition.

It calls on the union to return to the calm in order to resume discussions in order to find an agreement.

In conclusion, these articles oppose two opposing views of two different parties, with people who defending their interests: the poor and rich people.

Partie 3

The dialogue is an interview on the radio program named : "The workplace today with Alice Wonder, the guest and John the presenter". This interview passed on Saturday morning. The presenter begins the interview. He says that he has received many questions when he announced last week the presence of Alice Wonder. So he invited Alice Wonder to talk about herself. Alice Wonder is the manager of employees of an Assistant program (EAP) in Washington DC.

She worked 30 years for EAP. The program EAP is an aid for workers in distress. The stress causes on employees affect directly the business productivity in the companies.

John asks Alice more details on the various problems of the employees:

Alice Wonder talks a list: alcohol, smoking, addiction drugs, family problems, divorce..

The companies not have the time to personally take care of their employees. So, they created EAP.

After John asks if maybe a person asks for a help in EAP, has he a problems with his employer. Alice said no, that's private and confidential. EAP is free for employees and their families.

After this interview, Alice Wonder has something to add: EAP helps employees, they are available 7/7 days and 24/24 hours and they have a hotline. People can too visit the website.

Alice Wonder thanks John for giving her the chance to speak EAP.

John finished talking to the guest next week: a doctor.


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