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Then my second document is an extract from an newspaper of an unknown reporter, which talk about Nicolas Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two italian-born residents of Boston for many years who were accused of beeing involved in robberies and murders without any real evidence, but were convincted and sentence to death. The author wanted to denounce this case because at that time many people were victims of whitch hunts without real reasons. The government used his power and resorting to differents proceeding to banish people from the country, even if it was not fair.

The last document I have chosen is about an other form of power: the power of media. We studied in class a group of little articles that were called “The fourth Power Today”, which deels with the importance of the media. Thomas Carlyle first called the press the fourth power, he said that the press was more powerfull than all the other powers. Indeed, the media can really influence the public opinion, and interfere with political decisions. It can shape people's point of vue. Today, media took today a very big place in the society, and froms of media are developping every days.

To conclude, the governments and the states have the main influence on the world. They control the reaction of people and can use differents maneers.

Idea of progress

I'm going to talk about the notion of idea of progress. This notion can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change - a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. In order to illustrate this notion, I attempt to answer the question Is searching the progress always good ? To answer this question I will present three documents which

The first document I have chosen is an extract from the newspaper “USA Today” which parruted in October 1, 2010. This document is very interesting and shows that searching the progress is really good and can be detrimental to human's life. In fact, this extract deals with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis”. We leran that a girl, named Molly who was cured in 2000 thanks to a bone marrow transplant from her brother Adam. Her story is significant because she was the first child to be cured thanks to PGD. It showed that such an innovative scientific breakthrough can improve life expectancy and have outstanding results when it comes to healing severe diseases. Thanks to progress, milions of people can be save.

But, using too much progress car be not good, and dangerous. To illustrate this, I have chosen a second document, an extract from tthe newspaper “CHS Globe Online”, which parruted in January 29, 2010. The document presents the drifts of the PGD. Thanks to it, we can now choose your baby's physical characteristics. It his very dangerous for the human's race. Not only it deviates the laws of Nature but it dehumanises people : you chose your baby like you chose a product in a supermarket. To conclude, progress can have really bad consequences, and using too much progress can be very bad.

But, the question of progress is really controversial, and many people think that sometimes, some kind of progress are not usefull, so it is not good too spend to much money on because it has no interest. This question is dealt in the document : about the Mars One's project. The project is to go in years to come in Mars to colonized the planet and to at the end live on it. It is a human progress, and scientifis but it is subject of many debates because many people think that it will not going to serve to go to Mars, so why spend money ?

To conclude, today progress is subject of debates. Of course, thanks to progress we live so much better than before, but now scientifics search too much progress which can be bad.


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