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with participants unfamiliar. There are flashmob for marriage proposals, to make publicity for companies, but there are also flashmob just for fun and dance. This is the case of the flashmob of black eyed peas in 2009, who gave a concert outdoors in chicago and the whole crowd took part in the flashmob.

3) The limits of citizens empowerment

Finally we will see that there are limits to the media powers. Indeed, we are going to see that even if they can be used in a positive way, they can also be use in a negative way. The flashmob as we have seen, is a time of sharing, which brings together many people for the purpose of dancing, singing, all together. (So it’s a form of power, to reunite without knowing through social networking, internet). It’s like a new way to manifest. Finally it can have commercial purposes. The flash mob is used in a positive way, which isn’t the case of flash looting. Because it’s an organized form of theft where a group of participants enter a store and steal items and then disappear before the police arrive. Shops of the workers are unable to stop it and this creates the madness of crowds. So it’s an opposition that is formed against authority, which constitutes a form of counter power.


To conclude, we’ve seen how the empowerment of citoyens operates. First, we saw all the new technologies, then how the new technologies have empowered citoyens and finally the limits of citizens empowerment.

As far as I am concerned, I think that the new technologies with the social network like twitter, instagram, facebook, is really good and it’s a good way to speak freely but these days, the world is threatened by a lot of terrorist acts who are organized through internet. On social networks, many people take the opportunity to spread hatred and make racist remarks. This implies to me a monitoring of internet to fight that.

It’s possible to link the notion place and form of power with that of the idea of progress, because we talked about the new technology with the social network,wikileaks, which is an idea of progress.


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