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The idea of progress: the influence of technological progress on today's society

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de contact social et humain.

Mais ce n’est pas le seul risque, en effet, des inégalités peuvent voir le jour à cause de leurs couts qui n’est pas à la portée de chaque individu. Ce qui peut engendrer d’autres facteurs néfastes à la société comme les vols par exemple, qui ne font pas progresser la société.

Pour conclure, la technologie de nos jours peut être un atout, à condition de l’utiliser sans en abuser et de risquer les inconvénients abordés précédemment.

Traduction :

Over the past fifty years, technology has been steadily improving. It has advantages and disadvantages in today’s society.

Technology often refers to the world of electronics, such as the advancement of smartphones, computers or appliances, while there are many other areas.

Medicine has evolved, communication is now facilitated throughout the world and many travel facilities have been created and allow a much greater well-being for the individuals of the present society.

Bill DUVALL, a programmer wanted to set up a project a few years ago putting forward an artificial intelligence thanks to the internet.

Indeed, for this one internet is a way to increase the intelligence of Man. As we know, the Internet allows individuals to learn about multiple subjects and can thus support the knowledge of individuals.

Therefore, I think that electronic technology has positive effects on our society, as it increases the cultural and informational level of individuals. Research is done with greater speed and efficiency. This is a real advantage for modern society.

Unfortunately, technology also has detrimental effects on our society especially with the use of technological innovations.

Following the advance of smartphones and computers, many social networks were born. The latter cause isolation contrary to the initial idea of the social networks that were thought to facilitate communication throughout the world.

Indeed, the excessive use of these technologies leads to risks of addiction but also to inequalities between individuals.

To illustrate this idea, I will take the example of "Robbie", a science fiction novel in the "I, Robot" make by Isaac ASIMOV.

This news highlights the negative side of the technology by the isolation caused by a robot named Robbie of a little girl who has a heroic vision of her robot.

Therefore, I think the risk of addiction to new technologies is quite consistent and can very easily lead to a lack of social and human contact.

But this is not the only risk, in fact, inequalities can be created because of their costs which is not within the reach of each individual. This can lead to other factors that are detrimental to society, such as flights, for example, which do not advance society.

To conclude, today’s technology can be an asset, provided it is used without abuse and risk the disadvantages discussed previously.

I think that the new technologies have numerous advantages for the man because ells bring a daily help and allow us to produce less effort but however (it) has to be to use with precaution because (it) can have effects on the health or the same future an opponent for the man


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