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Oral d'anglais sur manchester city

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The 2011 transfer window was again marked by a major recruitment. Gaël Clichy, Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero are the main arrivals of the off-season and City took the lead in the Premier League with a 5-1 win at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. The club even offers a prestigious hand at the 9th day of the championship with a 6-1 victory at Old Trafford against his neighbor and opponent for the title Manchester United. C1, the club finished third in their group behind Bayern Munich and Naples and is found in the Europa League against FC Porto. Favorite of the competition, however skyblues bow at the next round in the second round, against Sporting Portugal. Despite good performances throughout the season, City is left with eight points behind the leader behind United with six games remaining. Through several missteps red neighbor Manchester City dates back to three points of the rival, which turns the derby of the 36th day of the Premier League in real final. By winning 1-0 with a goal from captain Vincent Kompany, Manchester City and back to tie, but took the lead thanks to goal difference (+53 to +61 for United against City). Still tied at the last day, just to City to take as much or more point than his rival to clinch the title against a team of Queens Park Rangers at the edge of the relegation zone. Despite this City is led 2-1 at the end of full time, but two goals in stoppage time, including one in the 95th minute, finally gives them the title of champion of England, the first in 44 years. City becomes the fifth team to win the Premier League since its inception in 1992. The game is also notable for the suspension of twelve games that received the old skyblue Joey Barton after committing three incidents punishable by a red card on three players from City in seconds, which forced him into exile in English football for saison

After a season that many saw as the springboard that will launch Manchester City, the 2012-2013 fiscal year has not been as successful as the first two full seasons Mancini. The transfer market has been quiet and the club has not recorded any new players before the last day of transfers, with four arrivals in less than 10 hours. City fails to maintain the shape of the 2011-2012 season and struggling to impress, finishing second behind after all the neighboring United. In the Champions League, the club is again eliminated in the group stage, confirming Mancini's reputation as the best coach in the domestic league only European competition. The skyblues have still reached the final of the FA Cup, but defeat to Wigan Athletic will be relegated that too for the Italian manager who, a year after winning the championship, the club is dismissed for lack of résultats33. The press has relayed that Mancini had lost the confidence of his players, saying that the club management had been influenced by the complaints of some of them to take their finale34,35 decision.On 30 May 2013, Manuel Pellegrini says he reached an agreement with Manchester City on 14 June 2013, the club made official his arrival for a contract of three years. In his first season at the club, the Chilean coach won the League Cup and the Premier League, becoming the first non-European coach to win the championship of England. Pellegrini also happens to qualify the club in the second round of the Champions League for the first time in its history, but was eliminated at this stage of the competition by FC Barcelona. Due to its success in the Premier League, the club is called to participate in the 2014 FA Community Shield at Wembley against Arsenal. With a workforce free of many of its stars36 Pellegrini tilts 3-0 against the club Arsene Wenger37.During the 2014-2015 season, the club is struggling in the Champions League, only working two points after four games played. The skyblues still manage to qualify for the knockout stages by winning their last two games against Bayern Munich and AS Roma but was eliminated by FC Barcelona at the next round.


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