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Fiche anglais, global cities

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Singapore is a city where people can have fun , evrything has become modern and cosmopolitan.

On the one hand singapore has becoe a perfect society in the sense that everything is clean and fficientn there is almost no crime and people are respectul of their environnement but on the other hand, there are almost no individual freedoms and no real creativity, it's a very controlled city.

II ) The drawbacks of global cities

In 2010, global cities were rankes mostly in 3 continents/ north america, Europe and Asia.

The most famous ones are New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Hong kong, Chicago, Singapore,Sydney,Washington...

None of them are in developing countries in South Amercia or Africa.

These huge cities have to face serious problems in terms of environnement because of the needs of their dense populations.

- Pollution : from the slums and fog of victorian London to the great smog of 1952 and the current issue of trafic pollution.

- Overcrowding : problems of housing, sluls, council flats, commuting

- liter

- congestion

The drawbacks of these cities are the cost of living , the noise, the consequences on people's moods, the social disparity is more acute , there is a lot of homeless etc etc .. too

So today's global cities must struggle to find solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and improve urban living conditions by providing adequate transport and creating high-standard urban spaces

The Illustration of london by yoshio Markino entitte Vauxhall bridge in fog dates back to 1907 at a time oh heavy fog, the fog is so heavy, we cannot see the distance, the painting is dark, the colours are reddish/ brawnish and the details are quitte blurred.

Both texts of charles Dickens confirm the painting, both texts focus on the polluted urban environnement of london in the Victorian era and how it affected it's habitants.


Global cities have already tested new ideas for the benefits of future genration: London's road congestion charge, Pari's Velib or autolib, Singapore legislation or the experimental carbon neutral housing project called BEDZED, launched in 1993 with solar panels, south facing, terraces and bio energy

Despite their environnementak problems, Global Cities are still powerful magnets for nationals and foreigners.Thanks to this evolution, peoples and nations keep on borrowing the langages and cultures of the other peoples and nations.

Is the world turning into a global village ?


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