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Bac Oral anglais: Places and forms of power

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should be banned. Julian Assange is the creator of WikiLeaks, a website started in 2006 Its goal was to become what it called the most powerful intelligence agency on earth by publishing leaked documents which would expose corruption and wrong-doing in oppressive regimes. But Julian Assange had been sent in jail to have published these informations.

b) The danger of social networks

The main danger of the social networks as it is focused in both texts A new country and Teens online is to live a “perfect” life, a virtual life or a second life. People pretend to be someone else to forget their personality and sometime their identity. There are other dangers like the fact that you can meet dangerous people pretending to be another, and also when you share something on a social networks it will stay forever in the data base, so anyone will be able to see it.


To conclude, the influence of the web on the society is a subjet where it is hard to dissociate the notion “places and exchanges” from the notion “seats and forms of power”. In the 21st century, digital technology is everywhere. Anyone can now communicate with anyone else in the world, almost instantaneously, regardless of place or time. That allows to the citizens to have access to a lot of information. New technologies and social networks can be extraordinary tools but can also be dangerous if there are no legal restrictions. Indeed, when dishonest or violent people get their hands on these digital tools, they can do more harm than good.


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