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Oral de TPE en anglais

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-A: What do you have to say after what Mr(nom de chris) said ,

-I: Like I said, the situation gets better , small to small, i hope in 5 years we will be a powerful country, but for that, we have to resolve the problems which stays.

Christophe s'énerve :

-C :Mr secretary, this is a lie, nothing gets better, the situation is getting worse, people don't eat as their hunger, there is no jobs, people are poor, this president is a dictator, this situation cannot stay like this, it has to change.

-I : I don't know what this men is talking about, i'm not lying, I am president of a democratic country, and the situation is getting better, that's why I here to ask for your help, Mr secretary, that's why I made 10 hours of flight so far, to ask you in the name of my people your help

- A : As I can see you disagree and it does help me less ,It is not sufficient to prove that everything goes well in Nigeria, I need more argument

-C : You don't know what i'm talking about, me, many my friends and some of my reporters colleagues had been imprisoned and there is some of them are dead right now, you kill them because we said and we wrote things that you don't have like.

The thruth is, during my passage in your prison we were not fed for many days, the gards struck us every day. I had some friends who died in this prison.

Today I'm held in front of you but I wonder what prevents me from stucking you. But I am a êace man and I think the violence does not resolves conflict. You are disgust me Mr Abacha

-A : Relax is not it to you a settling of scores if you are there today it is at the end to testify on the situation of Nigeria to take forwad it and progress and not to push back Nigeria to worsen things


-I : I want to tell you than i'm choked by your accusations, who are you to accuse me of such atrocities. Mr Secretary, why are you listennig this men, I do not kill anyone, i don't imprisoned anyone because he said something bad about me, I mean whaouh, who do you think I am.

-A :You are a dictator, that's what you are. First of all, don't ever lie openly to me again because I know everyting.

-You will stop to let your people starving. You will stop the dictatorship. You will build some infrastructures and give people money and jobs. You will stop propaganda. You will let the media be free.Your country will be a democracy -The UN will give you 5 millions to start the infrasturctures.

Thank you for your time Mr president

Ilyes sort( Sani Abacha meurt ) et la scène se déroule en 2000 :

-I :The scene you will see takes place 2000 , two years after Sani Abacha died, on 1999, the Nigeria had his first election since sixteen years the Nigeria became a democracy again , who is leaded by Olusegun Obasanjo. Kofi Annan the secretary general of the UN convene him to congratulate him talk about the future of the Nigeria, and to see in which points he can help him.

-A :Congratulations Mr Oubasanjo, I am very happy of your election, the people of nigeria are satisfied that you are elected because during the presence of the former president Sani Abacha the people were not satisfied and never obtained what they wanted. I listenned your speeches and I think that you will be a good president to be able to return your people happy, and to acquire what they want.

-C:I hope that the country is going to improve because numerous inhabitants of Nigeria were anxious to tell me that everything went badly.I am going to centre the developement of this country , around the economy and the future generations can take advantage of this nigerian developement. I hope, nobody will feel the need to leave this country to build a peaceful life .

-A: Without being discreet I have never understood that numerous inhabitants of Niger wanted to leave their country but or they wanted to go .In any case, we shall see it in a few years. I hope you will keep you word . Like all the promises and project held in all your speeches from the beginning

-C : Of corse that there is the will of the nigerian people to leave the territory of Nigeria. Mr Abacha was a dictator who came to the power by the military force, he etablished civil war in the corners of the country. It is obvious that the populations want to leave. Some of those are going to leave the country for nearby african countries with peaceful like Ghana and Liberia due to the lack of money. Others are totally going to leave the continent to glimpse a better future in generally more developped society .

-A : I hope that you will restore the smile to all the people of niger by bringing to him what it need

-C:do not worry , I shall take care of it. Thank you for your support. I hope to bein the contuinity of a man such Nelson Mandela who so much made for neighboors.

-A : Good bye , Mr President see you again.

-C:Good bye, mr secretary. We shall see again circonstances , it is my wish.


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