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Myth and Heroes, Oral Anglais

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It proves us that you don't need to be extraordinary like a said later to be a hero, Mandela just believed in his convictions and that it is what took him so far and that what makes people listen to him. This is because of this unshakable conviction that Mandela has changed the world, and it is what makes him a hero.

That it's also what my personal document about Paris terrorist's attacks is about. In this article, we learn that Salim Toorabally, a security guard of the Stade The France during the 11 november attacks, has save thousands of life just thanks to his bravery. His heroic act is simple, he spotted a man acting suspiciously at the stadium entrance and prevented him from enter without knowing he was face to face with a terrorist who plans to blow himself up in the stadium. Despite his own fear and his own security, he stood up against him because he knew something was wrong and all he wanted to do was protect people in the stadium. This simple but nonetheless brave action has prevented a bloodbath from happening. Salim was just a regular guy, but just because he had the strength and the courage to defend what he wanted to defend makes him a hero.

A hero can also change the world thanks to his abilities.

Some people are born with capacities beyond average, an impressive logic, a gift for the calculation, a vivid imagination... I believe that each of us possesses qualities that can be taken advantage of all. Many people in the history have been able to take benefits of it, Alan Turing is one of these people.

In my New York times article about him, we learn that during the Second World War the German were using an encryption machine called Enigma to encrypt all of their transmissions. This machine was know as inviolable because it had “quintillions of possible settings” and the enemies of the Nazi's empire were enable to break its code. Because of that, Britain and its allies were loosing the war : this is where Turing intervene.

Alan was a brilliant mathematician, and, thanks to this capacity, he has been able to crack the code of the German. This feat has not only allows English to decrypt German messages, but it has also helped to stop and win the war. Turing was not an exceptional human being, he just had exceptional abilities that a lot of people have and his work has saved millions of people, which makes him a hero.

Moreover, his researches are still relevant today: he is the founding father of our modern data processing. I think that actual technologies that exist thanks to Turing such as social networks are one of the best improvement of our century. By using those new networks, we can communicate and help people around the all world. We stay informed and can be quickly alerted in case of danger. We are connected with each other virtually and in my opinion this is an amazing thing and none of this would have existed without Turing. That's how a simple man with just a big talent can contribute to make the world a better place.


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