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Anglais bac oral form of power

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developing skills such as personal development and individual gain. We studied a document in class called « How I avoided student loans ». Crystal had planned to work and save money for her future studies that she idealized. She accumulates jobs in order to keep up with her fees while her parents somehow helped her by paying for basic expenses. She was also smart and was granted a merit-based scholarship. Eventually, her parents helped her out by writing off the debt she owed them. The situation of students with loans is a problem in many countries. We somehow may wonder if her testimonial can be the reality for other students. It is very difficult to think and plan your college education right from your preteens. It seems unfair that education be a burden rather than a way to fulfill your dreams. Should students sacrifice so much private and social life ? After all, these magical years should also be about constructing or finding oneself as university should broaden everyone’s horizon. The story illustrates « when there’s a will, there’s a way ». If you are determined enough and willing to sacrifice a lot, you can find a way to achieve what you want.

To conclude, a university degree is an instrument of power because it is really important for the future life, to have a good job, a better life and to have professional responsibilities. However, getting a degree is really hard because you need to spend a lot of money. Everybody should be allowed to go to university, it should be a right for all people. Moreover, tuition fees couldn’t be the same for all people although the access to universities have to be the same for everybody. Currently, alternative ways to learn are emerging and replacing the University education. We saw a Netflix documentary called “The Ivory Tower” in which we discovered that a community of people actually believed that you don’t need to follow the traditional Education. In fact, the “Education Hacker-House” was set up to acquire experiences, skills and knowledge.


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