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L'argent dirige-t-il le monde ?

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own hands, and are independent instead of living dependent. Besides, Fairtrade wants to protect small farmers’ working conditions while the rich states don’t do this. As a result, Fairtrade ensures a safer working environment. For example, in Africa, poverty is a huge problem. Fairtrade develops education so that African children can go to school and even university. What’s more, it helps poor populations to have access to clean water. Indeed, thanks to the benefit poor people can make on the safe of their product, they are able to buy water pumps. Moreover, since the small producers deal with American buyers directly without local middlemen, they sell their products at a higher price. As a result, they are able to improve the quality of their products. Finally, workers can speak freely to their managers about their own problems or their ideas about how to develop a product. However, this doesn’t exist anywhere else. The chairman of Fairtrade, Mr Rice, deals with an invisible dividend. The link with the notion is that thanks to Fairtrade, producers feel proud because they solve their own problems, they are not let down by the rich. They do not depend on them to survive.

To my mind, money gives ourselves a lot of power but we can succeed with little money. I chose these documents because the first one emphasizes the fact that society is ruled by money. Indeed, everybody can understand this picture. The second document shows that money creates inequalities in the world and people lose their humanity. The last document is an interview taken from a website so, everybody can learn about a disturbing subject.


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