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Assignment for Socio - Economic Development and Contemporary Slovenia

Prof.dr. Zarjan Fabjančič

Etienne Gueriaud



  1. Introduction …………………………………………  3
  2. Main sport in France : football………………………  4
  3. Main sport in Slovenia : ski…………………………. 6
  4. Others sports……………………………………........  9
  5. Conclusion…………………………………………... 10
  1. Introduction

Sport has always played an important role in society. Indeed, the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC and today it is the most watched and publicized event in the world with 3.6 billion viewers in 2016 or 50% of the world's population! These Games also brought together more than 11,000 athletes, proof once again of the important place of sport today. Since the ancient Olympic Games, sport has been an opportunity to establish relations between peoples. The Olympic Truce established a period of peace between peoples at war. Sport is perhaps war, but, as the ancient Greeks wished, ritualized war, without arms, without bloodshed and without death. It is also an education for peace. Sociologists Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning have rightly pointed out: "At international level, sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup in football are, in a visible and regular manner, the only opportunity for unity For States in times of peace. The Olympic Games allow representatives of different nations to compete without killing each other. As with all sporting competitions, sport provides the touch of passion necessary when it is confined to sporting arenas. In this context, the competition is indispensable because the exploits of the foreign champions make us vibrate.

In addition to this privileged place, sport is known for its virtues on health. The regular practice of an activity makes it possible to have a good physical condition. It also protects against cardiovascular disease. Certain cancers, such as the breast in women and colon in man, can be avoided. This practice also improves sleep and effectively tackles stress, depression and anxiety.

Sport improves well-being through its structured and enjoyable practice that helps develop skills and channel emotions, while familiarizing with rules and offering common experiences. Exercising a positive influence on health and fitness, it generates a state of bodily well-being. It is also an important activity for the human being because it allows during the time of the exercise of diversion the intentions of the gloomy preoccupations to look back on the joy and pleasure that the movement provides. As it provides well-being sport and became a tourist movement.

So we can see that sport is very important today. Because of this, it seems correct to compare the main sports in France and Slovenia which are respectively football and skiing.

  1. Main sport in France : Football

The French Football Federation (FFF) was created in 1919 and now has over 18,000 clubs and 2 million licensees. France is currently one of the top 5 European championships behind, Spain, Germany, England and Italy. The French championship consists of 2 professional leagues (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2), a semi-professional league (National) and several amateur leagues.

 At the national level, the most famous French clubs are Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille, Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, AS Saint-Etienne and Stade de Reims a few years ago. French football has distinguished itself at European level since the 1950s with the participation of Stade de Reims in the final of the first Champions League, the most prestigious competition of European football, but it is in 1976 that the French begin A true love story with football with the epic of AS Saint-Etienne until the final of this same competition. A lost final but an adventure that will allow this club and even football in general to acquire a certain notoriety thanks to what will be called "Green Fever" in relation to the color of the jersey of this club. In terms of victory, France has a victory in the Champions League in 1993 with Marseille against Milan and a victory in the Cup of Cups, competition that no longer exists, in 1996 with Paris against the Rapid Vienna and some finals lost.[pic 1][pic 2]

About Slovenia, the country ranks 30th, between Serbia and Slovakia. This rank can be explained by the youth of this country whose professional federation dates from 1920 but is recognized only officially in 1992 and also by its small size. Indeed, this country has as many inhabitants as there are licensed in France. Slovenia consists of a professional league, a semi-professional league and several amateur leagues and only 21,000 licensed.

The best known clubs in Slovenia are the Olimpija Ljubljana and the NK Maribor. Football is not yet fully developed in Slovenia, which explains the lack of participation of its clubs in cup of Europe. Nevertheless, the club of NK Maribor will succeed, twice, to qualify for the Champions League in 2014 and in 2000 by eliminating one of the best French clubs of the time, Olympique Lyonnais.

At the international level, the French team is one of the best teams in the world with a World Cup victory in 1998, a final in 2006 and two victories in the European Championship in 1984 and 2000, as well as a final In 2016. It participates regularly in the various final stages of these competitions and regularly causes a huge enthusiasm of supporters which manifests itself in meetings in the streets of several cities, proof that football has a special place for the French. The French team will have many big players in its ranks like Raymond Kopa, Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane and Antoine Griezmann. The FIFA ranking is a monthly ranking of the best nations in the world, France is currently 7th after being 1st in the early 2000s and then 2nd. Thus, its results make France a strong player in world football.[pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]

Slovenia's first official match took place on 3 June 1991 against Estonia and ended with a 1-1 draw. If this team has not won any competition, it nevertheless succeeds in qualifying for the 2002 and 2010 World Cup (eliminations in the first round) and the Euro 2000 (elimination in the first roundThe low sports results at the level of the clubs and the country mean that the enthusiasm around the national team is low compared to France. Again, the youth of this country is a disadvantage and the delay taken by Slovenia compared to other major football nations should narrow over the years. However, Slovenia has had great players such as Valter Birsa, Samir Handanovic, Jan Oblak and Robert Beric. In the FIFA ranking, Slovenia is currently 52nd. For the anecdote, there were 3 confrontations between France and Slovenia with each time a French victory.


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