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The expansion of the Islam in France: a real obstacle for the democracy? Comparison with the British model.

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people, but as a start of a process of democratization, that is to say an honor of the human being, the transmission of the values of the respect, the mutual aid, the equality of citizens, the rules of manners into the society. In this way, it gives to the reader a wider approach of the democracy that is generally known in the European countries and the western world in general.

After to have set out all the reading that will be used to respond to the research question, the study will now focus on different practical method to support the argumentation of the issue.

Research design

To respond to the research question properly and with the maximum resources possible, this part will cover and describe four main proceeds which are the second data, interviews, surveys and testimonies. A comparison with the British model will be studied in order to understand the differences between England and France.

The second data will use mainly to show that the Muslims populations in France and Britain have strongly increased these last years. For that, it’s necessary to analyze relevant information that is why will be used in France the data of INSEE (Institut National de la Statistiques et des Etudes Economique / The National Institut of Statistics and Economic Studies) and also the government data, available on the Internet. In Britain, there is the Office for National Statistics prevailing reliable information and also the UK Government data, available also on the Internet. It would be interesting to study recent data, over a range of 20 years because it’s exactly at this period that the Muslims population has risen considerably. The goal of this data is to show firstly that the Muslim community became more and more important through Europe but it will serve especially to correlate the Islam and the democracy. In fact, if the number of religious practitioners has grown manifold in western countries, it means, in a way, that the practice of Islam can coincide with the secular State and that its practice doesn’t affect the democracy. Moreover, it can be expected a larger number for England because contrary to France, religious clothes are not prohibited in public area, that don’t facilitate the integration. To analyze the market study should be very significant also. For example to compare in which sector Muslims are the most present in both countries may reveal that in England, veiled women have more opportunities unlike to France where the veil is a real societal problem.

Furthermore, the research wills also address surveys to better know the point of view of the French population. One might ask the following question: does the Islam damage the democracy? For a fair deal it would be wise to interrogate for example 1000 French citizens whom best represents the population, that is to say it’s necessary to ask all kinds of people: the elderly, the young people, men, women, immigrants… For more facilities, the survey could be done on the Internet. The outcome cannot be know beforehand, there can be interesting surprises but it is likely that because of the recent events involving in France such as terrorist attacks and the famous debate about the ‘burkini’, the results is very close. The

debate about the burkini needs to be further developed. It’s strange how the French government can make a whole policy about women religious clothes whereas in England this is an outdated thinking. It should be noted that the more the government target a community and the more there are bad repercussions. It begs the question, why the French government marks the Muslim community and if it’s not the government itself that create this obstacle between the Islam and the democracy.

In this research, the point of view of persons concerned is meaningful, that is why interview will be conducted. In France, there are a lot of Islamic nongovernmental organizations such as for instance Ummah Charity, Barakacity, Muslim Hands France that could answer questions about the implementation of Islam in democratic nations. Their purpose is to help the Islamic community to secure a place in the society but also to assist afflicted people around the world. Their participation can be very relevant because it allows knowing if they have reluctance regarding freedom of individuals and in particular women and democratic principles like argue the French government. This research would also enable how they do to practice their cults while respecting the secularism precepts of the Republic.

Then, in the same way, it would be beneficial to undertake testimonies on the internet through camera or written of Muslim population and mostly women because they are the most targeted by the government but also by a part of the population. Testimonies will be done in France and England to see and compare the various opinions and feelings that they have but also to know what they think about the woman’s condition in Islam by wearing the veil for example. Testimonies in a Muslim country like for example in Morocco, would be also very interesting to understand better their living conditions and if they have limited freedom. These attestations are probably the most important research through this study because it would give another perspective by going directly through targeted people and not by institutions that constantly trying to find a wall between the Islam and the democracy. If it’s true that a part of Muslims women have restrictions and limited freedom by a misunderstanding of the religion; the major part are free to wear or to do what they want to do. That is what, these testimonies will try to show.

To conclude, the outcome of this research method will allow knowing if the religion of Islam is a real obstacle for the democracy. The interviews and testimonies are probably the most important arguments because they represent the speech from people directly affected by this subject. In the same way, these people are the living proof that it’s possible to be a Muslim in a democratic country while respecting the secularism precept. The analysis of the reviews cited previously can also assist in this regard because it gives to the subject a real interest even in the literature, and provides several examples of Muslims integration in the western world. However it cannot deny that critics about a plausible agreement between Islam and democracy remain very important across western but also eastern societies because of the too much freedom defended by the democracy. At the same time, the immigration of a community in a country cannot be stopped because of its religious beliefs, otherwise it would be considered as racism, which is totally against democratic precept. That is why governments like in France should find another alternative to find a final cohesion


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