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The idea pf progress: in what way has progressèmade modern-day life better?

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take her seriously and he is somewhat cynical and scornful towards her. Then he notices that Anna is furious hence the quotation "anger glows around this kid like electricity". She must be beside herself hence the expression "she says hotly". She uses sarcasm to make a laughing stock of the lawyer. The lawyer must have been surprised at seeing the girl’s determination because he finally change his mind , he suddenly realize that he is at a pivotal moment in his life and he decides to take her case. The lawyer and the reader realize that Anna must have gone through a lot of suffering before coming to that decision. She now wants to live for herself, not for anyone else. She gives a detailed accounts of all her previous interventions to lay the stress on her ordeal and to show that she is psychologically and physically exhausted. It is obvious that she has felt like a victim and had no choice in the matter when she repeat "I had to" She seems to resent her parents and feel neglected when she "nobody ever asked" (l.34). Her parents have always made her help her sister against her will regardless of the psychological damage for her.

he last document is a cartoon, it dates from the 13th July 2001 and it was drawn by a cartoonist called Gary Varvel. In this document, we can see four people at the left, one of them wear a white smock, he hold in his hand a container, throwing something the volcano. We can suppose that he’s a physician, or a biologist, but he’s a scientist anyway. The three person behind him seems like to be primitives persons, they wears skirts made with leafs, no t-shirt, and a necklace made with teeth. The person in front of the others has a bone in his hairs. They carry a kind of coffin full of container like the one in the hands of the scientist on which it has a text, namely "Human embryos". In the center of the document, we can see the volcano in which the scientist throw the contents of the containers. On this volcano, we can see a text saying "Stem cell research". It’s the focal point of the document, he enable us to understand the topic of the document. There is a bubble above the scientist, saying "What makes you think this is a human sacrifice?"

I suppose this documents show how science waste so much stem cell in the stem cell research.

Even if thanks to stem cell research people are able to have a better life when they have a serious illness as leukemia to arrive at this result, much stem cell has been tested and destroyed. This document denounces the fact that scientist considered stem cells as cells only, without considered that behind this stem cells, there is a human being, which has done a part of his body for science. By wasting so much stem cells, scientists made a "sacrifice" of human life. We can infer that what the cartoonist means is that stem cells can be good for development, but it leads to much wasting, and we can also think that he alludes to the problems leads to designer babies, or savior siblings, but I’m not sure.


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