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Places and forms of power

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Here, we can say that the weapons are part of their culture and it is a part of their power. The problem is that nowadays there are more and more violence and death in the US because of the weapons.

II/The life armed of the Americans begets violence

Because of this custom, more and more people wear guns, even teenagers. The problem is that some teens take up arms in their campus. Also note that there are many school shootings, like the shooting that took place at Columbine in 1999. Many authors use this theme, such as Laura Kasischke “life before her eyes”. At the beginning of this story, two teenage girls were having brush their hair. They stopped when they heard screams and gunshots. Throughout the scene, they remained hidden to the bathroom because they understand what is happening. They knew that it was one of their comrade who was to commit an inhuman crime. His name is Michael Patrick. When he entered the toilet, they have seen their life flash before their eyes. They knew they were going to die. In the end, he told them to choose who would die. We can imagine that one of the two died and the other survived. She must have death of her friend on his conscience. With this text, the author shows the reality of things: weapons are dangerous and should be restricted. Because weapons destroying many lives. With this kind of case, the US understand that there is a real problem. Many people such as authors, media, singer trying to make people aware that it is necessary to limit guns. We can take the example of a campaign that shows the number of death in one year in the United States. You can see a gun in the middle of the poster with the flag of America. People recognize that is part of their culture but on the other hand, many lives are deleted. Above the gun we read “God bless America”. This can come from a patriotic song composed by Irwin Berlin in 1918. “God bless America" ​​contradicts the message of the poster because in the song, he speaks of America as a “sweet home ". But here the poster shows the number of dead.

Here, we can say that the weapons cause violence and many victims. Many books and campaign try to raise awareness in the population on the fact that it is necessary to limit guns.


As weapons are part of American culture, I do not think we should remove the weapons. I think we should limit and make of gun license. However, wear guns in adolescence is useless. Prohibit adolescents to carrying weapons diminish the number of deaths in the US. They may be making clubs where young people could learn to shoot, learn the culture of guns.

“Father and child”: This man Mike came in to buy ammunition, and I asked if I could take his portrait. It's the proximity of his gun to the baby that people find so shocking, but he didn't see it that way. For him, it summed up how he felt about protecting his family. If you look carefully, you can see his finger is under the trigger guard; that's his idea of safety.


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