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Myths and heroes: why does America produce so many heroes ?

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that anyone can be a hero and that he will try from now on to become a better person.

II) Feeling stronger together.

Also, the American population is very multicultural as a lot of deportations were made in the past from Africa, Europe or South America. So for a very long time in America, black people were slaves and were considered as inferior ; but when the law retablished justice in 1865, racism was still a very big part of the mentalities and it still is nowadays. Many black people have stood up for their rights in the past, to stop racism. One of them is Rosa Parks, a black woman who lived from 1913 to 2009. She was one of the most iconic figures fighting for cicil rights during the XXth century. One December day of 1955, she refused to give her seat in the bus to a white man. Since this moment, she became an icon for change, a person who would change many people’s lives, along with Martin Luther King and many others. And these persons represented a big part of the population and it’s thanks to them that America felt stronger together and still does. With this same philosophy, regular people, firefighters, and volunteers help during traumas in the US. In 2005, the hurricane Katrina was the costliest and one of the five deadliest storms in the history of the United States. New Orleans in Louisiana was severely hit by the floods and many people died. Very quickly, anonymous citizens and celebrities like Brad Pitt volunteered to help the population. An other example is Hurricane Sandy that hit the American coasts in 2012 ; or even during the terrorist attacks like in New York in 2001 or at the Boston Marathon where citizens and firefighters put other people’s lives before theirs.

III) A mirror of the American nation

Other types of heroes exist, superheroes. These have a major impact especially on the younger generations as they are represented in comics, movies or toys. But during times of war, some superheroes were invented to inspire the hole population. In deed, a perfect example would have to be Captain America, who represented during WWII, the American values and gave a certain courage and hope to the soldiers, while fighting against the nazis. he was created to represent the fight of liberty against tyranny. Also we can think of Iron Man, who’s invented to represent the American values during the Cold War, and the American non-direct conflict with the USSR. These superheroes have also a role of letting the young generations know that truly anyone can become a hero, even by making small actions, you contribute to the well-being of earth and the humans that live on it.

So to conclude, I would say that America produces heroes because in this very powerful country in which occur some traumas, the people feel like being very patriotic and united to keep up and be happy.


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