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Locations and forms of power - Bac d'anglais

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This speech also shows her impotence and her fury in a world where she feels she is nobody. Maybe this is why she accepts being tamed by Petruchio. Katherine may know that the only way to be happy and protected is to have a husband, and her only suitor is Petruchio. Thus, she has no other option. This is what may explain her previous attitude, her previous misery and temper.

She does a monologue about a wife's duty to her husband. The speech is the last part of the play. It's a misogynistic time where women are submissive to their husband. With these words we see how Katherine has become a much better woman, according to the standards of the Elizabethan era. With this soliloquy, we see the result of her taming process, as much as Petruchio’s victory as a dominant man.

However, feminists have attacked the play, and in particular the play's final scene, as offensively misogynistic. Others have defended the play by highlighting the (frequently omitted) induction as evidence that the play is not meant to be taken at face value and the fact that Petruchio submits himself to the same treatment to which he submits Kate.

So, Katherine’s relationship with Petruchio is not the most common one in a couple. Petruchio is not exactly a gentle man, but he is exactly what Katherine needs : a man who has the same temper as hers, who dominates her, and who shows his power in front of her, although he does this in such a way that Katherine may think he is in love with her and wants the best for her

III- A Man's Man's Man's World

Did an apology of women (=he defends women). 1967

This song was recorded as if it was a sermon. It lists man's life enhancing inventions, but the singer admits he would be nothing without a woman. Brown developed the impassioned ballad from some lyrics written by a woman, Betty Newsome. Her words were derived from the Bible and her observations of some of her ex-boyfriends, including the Godfather of Soul himself. This was originally called "It's A Man's World', but James Brown added the extra words to the title as a reference to the 1963 hit comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

In the world, there are different type of people who want to use the words to convey a message.

CCL → Today, in Maroc, some women listen again the music of James Brown and it's something which push women to fight for their rights. The speech is a big power because the speaker make his speech in front of a public and with the intonation, like the speech of George VI, can influence people. There are a lot of element who can convince the audience like the person who speak if it's a king, a singer or just a woman.


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