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Places and forms of power: how can express different forms of power in various place?

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are brainwashed by companies. When they spend money, they feel fulfilled. Consume is a kind of drug for them, if they don’t do it, they are in need.

This song denounces the power of marketing.

Finally, the last document is a poster by J. Howard Miller of 1943 with a headline “We Can Do it!”.

We can see a young and beautiful woman. She looks like a pin-up girl with her makeup and her headband so she’s feminine. She’s wearing work overalls, she’s holding her arm to show her muscle and she looks determined so she’s also masculine. In fact, she’s showing her strength.

The scene takes place during World War II. During this period, women had to work in factories in order to replace men. This situation gave them a form of power and the feeling they were important.

WWII was a starting point of progress for women’s independence.

This poster encourages women to work in factories because it was necessary. In it, we can see 2 different worlds: man’s and woman’s. This woman proves theses 2 worlds could be mixed with the harmony of her beauty and her strength.

(I like this document because it shows women can do men’s jobs. It shows also their power and I think it illustrates the notion.)

To conclude, we can say power exists in politics, social sciences and between human beings. These powers have ways to control people and their behavior since centuries. Power can be used in moral or immoral way. It depends on people who use it.


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