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Places and forms of power

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only 17 and 18 years old. They were reserved and jealous of popular students.

This is why they decided to take their revenge against them. The initial plan was

to plant a bomb in the school cafeteria. Their goal was to teach popular kids

how to grow respectful. But when they decided to explode the bomb, on April,

the bomb did not explode, so they are entered in the school with guns, stuck

some students in the library, and killed some of them with a chilling

determination. This was a real tragedy, they killed 12 students and 1 teacher.

Then they killed themselves.

This document shows that the free flow of weapons is a tragedy in the USA

because the slightest pretext, the people will use them and make a ravage.

And, my last document is also a recording named “Getting a gun in Colorado”.

In this document, Sherriff Saber reminds the listeners that in the USA gun

ownership is part of the American culture, inherited from the Wild West. She

told us that weapons are defended and protected by the Second Amendment of

the American Constitution. Indeed, In Colorado especially, citizens are allowed

to buy a firearm provided they are at least aged of eighteen years old and have

no criminal record.

The message of this document unlike the two others documents intended to put

forward the second amendment, based on the cultural side of weapons.

Our three documents represent well the notion because they show that weapons

are like a power and they can be use in many places like in the USA.

To conclude, we can clearly affirm that weapons and guns are responsible of

violence in the USA.

But for me, the second amendment is not the only one responsible for all the

violence in the USA. For me the society, the TV and especially some education

have a very important role in the violence in the USA.


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