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Places and forms of Power, Bac Anglais LV1, Independence of Scotland

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Then, we can add the economic point. Indeed, some people argue that Scotland could be self-sufficient. The number one argument is that Scotland yields good North Sea oil revenues.

- Con

We saw that there are so many arguments that could be given in favor of the independence but we will see that however there are many detractors.

First of all, one of the first arguments put forward is that the UK is a successful union dating back 300 years as we saw in the video The referendum explained to the non-Brits. Scotland has taken part alongside the rest of the UK in building an empire, fighting two world wars together.

Moreover, others maintain that Scotland would be too small on its own, and that it is better and safer to be part of a bigger country. For them Scotland is stronger if it remains with the UK. Being part of the UK is, economically speaking, safer as the teenager said in the interview studied in class because Scotland receive financial support from the UK and with no help it would damage higher education for example or even research. And speaking of its natural resources some people doubt that Scotland can sustain itself.

Another consequence that cannot be ignored according to the opponents of the independence is the inevitable loss of influence. Indeed, Scotland would have less influence in the world because the UK has a permanent place on the United Nations security council and is one of the largest member states in the European Union. So out of the UK Scotland would lose almost all its influence on the international scene.

In addition to this, if everyone agrees that there are different cultures in the UK they however do not see this cultural diversity as a burden but as an enriching opportunity that is worth sharing. If this diversity wasn’t a problem at the time of the Act of Union in 1707 why should it be one now?

Conclusion: To conclude the results of the Indyref reveal the complexity of the question with a little majority of no. However, there is not only the yes and the no campaign there is also all of the people who just don’t know or don’t even care about the question. Anyway, should Scotland be independent or not is still a current question that divides Scotland and even maybe the UK. Issues are huge economically and politically speaking.

The SNP is not satisfied of the answer given by the Scots to the indyref and is thinking about organizing a new one in the next few years.

(Furthermore the question about the European Union is a real issue. Indeed, the Prime Minister David Cameron intends to leave the European Union so if Scotland is still part of the UK it means that Scotland leave the EU too.


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