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Afterwards, we have listened a recording of an mexican immigrant who says that even if their dirtyjobs are very painful, they are more paid than Mexico. And this is what they called the « American Dream ». I think they feel a bit disapointed because they except that emigrate to US will be easy. But unfortunaly not, but they can offer a better education to their children and family. (desillusion, crushed hopes)

Finally, to illustrate this notion, we saw a short scene of the movie West Side Story. The scene was a song called America and there were a women crew and a men crew, they sang one after one to defend their opinion about the life in America. It was like a singing battle mixed with a dance battle. Men and Women have differents point of view concerning immigration and integration in America. It reveals that women are more comfort to be integrate because it is easier/less shamefull for her to get married with an American man while it is unflattering for a man to be immigrant and to looking for a american woman.

To conclude, i think immigrants are looking for a better conditions life in US and they heard about the esay life that US can offort but for them it was not so easy because they were discriminated but sometimes it works and from my point of view, immigration is a wealth to have different culture despite some troubles of integration

I'm going to talk about the notion of « Places and forms of power ». First of all, I would like to give a definiton of the term of power. So, it is the ability to exercice authority and influence on others. It can be a person, a group, or a nation having great influence over people and it works in economy, in politic, on medias etc ..

Today, we will focus on the United Kingdom and we may wonder if the Queen Elisabeth II exercices always the power on their subject.

I will begin with the first document that I saw in class, it is the official portrait of the Queen Elisabeth. So, she symbolizes a powerful monarch since more than 60 years now. Indeed, in her portrait we can see her grace, her power through her crown and sparkling jewels .. she looks like a benevolant governer as a mother is for her children. However her portrait has caricatured by Lucian Freud, in this new one she looks ugly and old. The painter wanted to show some limits of Queen's power. In fact, when her ex daughter in law Lady Diana died in a tragic car crash in 1997, she showed any emotion whereas subjects excepted to her to express her feelings and compassion. They were very touched by this event because they loved her. Lady Diana was very appricied and she was very close to them, she was for a short time their Princess of heart. Also the Sun Magazine published on their cover : « Show us you care ». It was a signal (warn) to the Queen.

Then, Queen Elisabeth and her polity were also criticized by a Republican politic group who wanted to abolished the monarchy with the slogan « Britain, we can do so much better » because they are fed-up to support the queen's life style and paid so much taxes, it is better for them to choose their own representant and they think that they can use this money for people in trouble (waste of money). And finally, the last document studied was a song written by the rock band Sex Pistol, in parody to the national anthem « God save the queen » with very bad lyrics. And those people have a great influence on young people, it was a form of rebelion against the queen. Since that, british subjects have the power, they are in majority and we can say that the Queen is nothing without her subjects. Her power is given to her by her people who expect her to be reponsible, to represent them worldwide and to protect them when they are confronted with a heartbreaking tragedy.

To conclude, the power is something that someone gave you in order to represent the opinion and you have to respect some rules, engagements even if you have the power. Population can always return against you and then she's nothing.

In the case of the United Kingdom, sometimes no one understand the Queen so they would to rebel


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