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The company works according to the just in time. However, the company has still a safety stock (about € 10,000 basic equipment) to prevent any risk of shortage. The company's suppliers deliver the materials needed directly on construction sites to avoid travel costs. The delivery time is 24 hours or less a day for some suppliers (as their tours).

There was a very good understanding with all staff on Wednesday, I replaced the management assistant so if these latter problem has asked of me, I was in constant contact with the Director, Management Assistant because the rest of the team was over the team in charge of design and communication graphics

my tutor told me tasks that I have 5 spots left in the 2 spot, I followed the sales and followed stationery purchases, it is a job that requires a lot of concentration to avoid errors may change the final result of work results, I met some difficulties with follow-stationery supplier purchases because some had not set certain amounts of its compliquais shot at the accounting entry, after several of my recovery share with suppliers I could get payment in the best time possible difficulties and the means implemented to address them;

This course brought me a lot professionally because I could see how working a management assistant in the company and acquire further knowledge of the professional level, and personally it’s been a very rewarding experience I have heard me with the staff and I knew adapt in the business of e working team


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