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Tigar Tyres d.o.o. is a manufactures tire. It offers passenger, light truck, truck, and agricultural tires. The company exports its products to the western European markets. They are on the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, in the South-East of the Old Continent, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.

1. History

Tigar Tyres was founded in 1935 in Pirot as a workshop for the manufacture of rubber products and all kinds of footwear.

In 1959, first tire production.

In 1974, Technical assistance agreement with B. F. Goodrich.

In 1978, Transfer of BF Goodrich equipment to Pirot, Creation of the virtual JV.

In 1995, first take of agreement with Michelin (Euro master Brand).

In 2003, New JV company Tigar MH (Tigar AD 25%, Michelin 25%, and IFC 10%).

In 2005, the name of the company change has been to Tigar Tyres.

In 2007, French company Michelin became major shareholder of company.

In 2008, Michelin bought remaining shares of Tigar Tyres for 47 million US dollars.

In 2009, with this acquisition, Michelin would become 100% owner of the company.

In 2012, With Big Tigar Project, Michelin plans to invest 170 million euros in production capacity and employ 700 more workers over 5 years.

In 2014, a new plant of the factory, worth 215 million euros, was opened. It should provide a job for additional 500 employees and they invest 5 million in the implementation of new Business model ERP.

2. Economics Informations

Production in Mat & SF Investments in mil. EUR

A Tigar tyre is the fourth biggest Serbian exporter with the total value of exported goods worth 231.4 million euros.

According to the most recent annual financial report submitted to the Serbian Economic Registry Agency, the company has 2,172 employees and it posted an annual profit of RSD 6,057,825,000 (€52.84 million) for the calendar year 2013.

C. Products and Customers

1. Products

In Tigar Tyres, Michelin made different Product Line:

- TC (Tourism and Camionette)

* For TC tyres, they have different brand:

* Taurus

* Kleber

* Orium

* Sebring

* Strial

* Tigar

* Riken

* Kormoran

- 2W (tyres for motorcycle)

* For TC tyres, they have different brand:

* Yamaha

* Piaggo

* Honda

- Tubes (tyres for Bicycles)

- Retro (Vintage Tyres )

2. Customers

In Tigar Tyres, we have 3 different types of Customers.

* T1 Customers, it is the local Customer, customer from Serbian, Kosovo, Macedonia and few countries near Serbia.

* Tiers 3 Customer (or T3 customer), for these we sell tires from brand Riken, Kleber, Taurus, Strial, Sebring, Orium.

The tyres are sent directly to the customer and the bill paid by them.

* UOT customers, these are all Michelin customers (intragroup customers) in most European countries, Michelin has office. We sell tires from brand Tigar, Kormoran, Riken and 2W, the tires are sent to the final customers but the bill are paid by Michelin from the country and after they make facture for her final customer.

For example: MFPM (French manufacturing tire), Michelin Spain, Michelin Italia.

D. Competitor and Market

The tyres market is shared between three big company how which 75% of the total market (Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin), after it is shared by few little company like Pirelli, Hankook, Continental for the most famous.

The global tyre market is roughly $ 155B. Cars and light commercial vehicles account for $ 95B and truck tyres are a $ 45B market leaving $ 8B for tractors, earthmovers and motorbikes and $ 7B for planes.

II. Description of the mission during placement

My mission during my internship can be divided into two parts, post and post GoLive. GoLive is the name of the event when Michelin launches the new ERP business model with software ERP Microsoft Dynamic’s AX R2. The GoLive launch the 1st November 2014.

In the first two months I was in charge of testing the Microsoft Dynamics AX software developed for Tigar tires. At first, we had to ensure that all links between software (AX-TX, Web Portal ...) is done correctly. That is to say, ensures that sales orders arrive with good data (egg, delivery address, mode of transport, delivery terms) when receiving sales orders and when sending a given CA, ensure that all quantities is well positioned and then deal with UC and UT and returned to AX to prepare the shipment of the goods at this stage, we need to ensure that the shipping document is correct and error free. If during these steps, we find bugs, we must inform Prodware so they can fix bugs in the software to make it ready for GoLive. Also during this period, I have created multiple user guide users and end learned that used the software.

Over the past three months after the launch of the software, I was in charge of assisting users when they made a wrong manipulation with the software or when the software would send their error messages, I have to try to correct the and if I


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