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Cultural activities:

British Workshop didn’t schedule any company visit, nevertheless, we went to the movies with the whole class, to watch a movie about the 16th of May 2003 bombings in Casablanca, titled “The horses of God”. It was very interesting as it was also an occasion for us to know each other, and to know others opinions about the subject. Personally I did not enjoy it very much because some scenes of the movie where shocking (child abuse, child drinking, drugs …) and there was only a single action scene, that was at the end of the movie.

Besides the theatre, we also went on a trip to Marrakech during the last week end of the training session, permitting us to change the atmosphere as we were with our teachers and all the staff. We all went out, not like teachers and students but like a group of friends, all at the same level.

We went by bus, it was the occasion for us to chat, practicing our spoken English. Indeed, it was the purpose of this trip showing the fruit of a whole month of labor, it was satisfying.

We finally arrived to the Hotel & Spa Adam Park, the place was magnificently decorated, there were a couple of swimming pools, many buffets and the rooms we had were clean and comfortable.

This was a great experience, I think it’s the best way to finish the training session, permitting us to keep great memories of the working group, in some way it was like a reward for everybody.


Outcomes & Conclusion


Assessment of the experience:

The main goal of the training was to improve our level in English, I think that thanks to our teachers, we easily reached that goal. By that, I mean that I personally enriched my vocabulary and I now feel more comfortable speaking English.

Obviously, we did not all have the same level at the beginning, but British Workshop definitely closed the gap between us at the end of the five weeks period.

Many times, the teachers had the opportunity to measure our level through several quizzes; sometimes it seemed more like a game which was very fun and unstressful.

Most importantly, this internship allowed me to discover my weaknesses, we all know that knowledge is unlimited and that we always have something to learn.

Contribution of the experience to the personal development:

The internship was in overall a delighting experience, culturally and morally speaking, the diversity of the subjects, the freedom of speech we were given taught me that every single person had something to add, I learnt to respect opinions different to mine.

It was also the first time that I studied only English during five weeks straight, it gave us the opportunity to focus on the subject, which made everything easier and more relaxing.

Evaluation of the training:

The proximity of the institution to my home, the hearty teachers and the motivation of my classmates all made the experience easier and enjoyable for me, I would recommend British Workshop to every 2nd year student at HEM who wants to improve his English level, without the discomfort of a bad weather, noisy hosts or unwanted roommates.

Also, it is important to note that the small number of students make every person in the room participate equally to the discussion, even the shy ones, who gained a lot of confidence in their speeches during the weeks.

At last, I would like to thank British Workshop for increasing my interest in the English language to the extent of wanting to pursue my studies in English, applying for the hybrid 2013/2014 session.

Finally, I would like to invite you to check British Workshop’s page on facebook, where you can find a video of a project we’ve done in contribution with the Managing Director Mr Thami. It’s a “flash mob” we organized, making the t-shirts, bringing the music and everything, we had a fun time organizing everything, and the kids enjoyed it too. It is now part of British Workshop’s marketing campaign, it feels nice to know that we contributed to the institution progress and development.


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