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Development Theory

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Historically, most companies have transformed a natural difference,

between men and women, unequal distribution of tasks, access to power and

in the representation of the sexes. Since the advent of democratic societies, these inequalities have gradually reduced. Feminist theory is an aspect of feminism centered on theorization and philosophical reflection. Its purpose is to understand the nature of gender inequality. It examines the place of women by referring to areas of the social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, communication, psychoanalysis, philosophy, etc. The contribution of Marxist feminism to the imperative of articulating gender oppression to capitalist exploitation is often summarized: wage inequalities, double days, partial time imposed, and so on. Such an approach suggests that Marxism proposes a priority focus on wage labor essentially.

But we can see a progression of the women in the field of labor, in every field whether it was in politics, judicial, business, or philosophies. It still exists some inequality of wages in our life for men and women who got the same job, the men will get a better wage than the women. Not only in the United States but also in Europe or in Africa, almost everywhere around the world that’s inequality still exist in our society.

The people realize little by little, the importance and the non-difference of the women in labor, and sometimes realize the benefit of the equality of wage, by the idea of the family.

Some change happens with the presence of more and more women in labor, or the increase in the women’s wage. In the domestic sphere, the egalitarian model is promoted. The woman, who was a minor vis-à-vis her husband since 1804, gradually gained equality in civil law. She may pursue a professional activity without the consent of her husband from 1965 onwards. In the sphere of power, men no longer monopolize politics. Women have access to

voting and representation

Despite their difficulty in integrating into our society, the Feminist movements have fostered this rising equality. In the past, women's struggle absorbed by the wage labor struggle to improve the working and living conditions of the employees. But, little by little, women realized that they had specific demands that the law: equal pay, gender diversity in employment, the right to abortion, domestic servitude, at political parity ...

After all these events and theories encouraged during the time, the egalitarian ideal of democratic societies favored the reduction of inequalities between men and women but did not male dominance. Should women adopt men's behavior to achieve equality

or should they claim a specific model?




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