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Rapport de stage COSUMAR

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  1. Description of the company:
  1. Presentation  
  2. History
  3. Activity
  4. location
  5. Company structure
  1. Company performance (Statistics):
  1. Market
  2.  production diversity
  3.  profit
  4. Sales of the company or any other topic: (graph)
  5. Success Strategy
  1. Problems and SWOT analysis of the company
  2. Accounting and Finance activities
  • Two job descriptions in relation with the company Accounting and Finance (responsibilities – tasks – characteristics - …)


Since its creation in 1929, the COSUMAR Group has been committed to daily to ensure a regular supply of sugar of the country and to satisfy the partners of its ecosystem. In investing more than 10 billion dirhams in recent years for the modernization of the sugar sector, COSUMAR carried out several advances in innovation, R&D and has invested in clean technologies in order to improve its performance indicators performance for a sustainable sector. The COSUMAR Group is one of the most important players in the Moroccan economy, and a real engine working for the competitiveness of the national sugar industry. Thanks to his model integrating the extraction, refining, packaging and marketing of sugar, the Group is positioning itself as a major integrated agrifood players in Africa. In fact, COSUMAR ensures the total supply and uninterrupted Moroccan market by offering a varied range of refined white sugar: the sugar loaf, the ingot, the piece and granulated sugar. Two production processes are followed by the Band. To know; extracting sugar from beets sugar and sugar cane harvested locally, as well as the refining of imported raw sugar. The Group has been the only de facto sugar operator in the Kingdom since 2005, when he completed the acquisition of 4 companies: SUTA, SURAC, SUNABEL and SUCRAFOR in the context of a call for tenders international. Considered a pioneer of agricultural aggregation in Morocco thanks to the exemplary relationship it maintains with nearly 80,000farmers and their families in the regions of Doukkala, Gharb,Loukkos, Tadla and Moulouya

  1. Presentation general

Cosumar SA (Cosumar) extracts, refines, packages, distributes, and exports sugar and sugar related products. The company’s product portfolio includes sugar lumps, sugar loaves, granulated sugar, and sugar ingots. It also offers pellets, pulps, molasses and bagasse for industrial and agricultural customers for use in livestock feed and manufacturing yeast. Cosumar also carries out the refining of imported raw sugar, extraction of local sugar plants, packaging, distribution, and export of white sugar in different forms. It markets products under LA Gazelle, Cosumar, Enmer, AL Kasbah, and EL Bellar brand names. The company operates production facilities in Surac, Sunabel, Suta, Sucrafor and Doukkala, and a refinery facility in Casablanca. Cosumar is headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco.

  1. Historique


The history of COSUMAR merges with the beginning of the industrialization of the production of white sugar in Morocco. Formerly of artisanal manufacture, it was in 1929 that the first sugar refinery was created in Casablanca in the Roches Noires district. Let’s discover the key dates that mark the history of this great Moroccan company



[pic 3]

[pic 4]

[pic 5]


[pic 7][pic 8]

[pic 9]

1985[pic 10]

[pic 11]

[pic 12]


[pic 14][pic 15][pic 13]

[pic 16]

 [pic 17][pic 18]

[pic 20][pic 19]

2005 [pic 21]

[pic 22][pic 23]

[pic 24]

[pic 25]

2006 [pic 26][pic 27]

[pic 28]

[pic 29]

[pic 30]

[pic 31][pic 32][pic 33][pic 34][pic 35]

[pic 36]

[pic 37]

2012[pic 38][pic 39]

[pic 40]

[pic 41]

[pic 43][pic 44][pic 45][pic 46][pic 47][pic 42]

[pic 48]

[pic 49][pic 50][pic 51][pic 52]

[pic 53][pic 54]

[pic 55]

        [pic 56][pic 57]

[pic 58]

[pic 59]

[pic 60]

In 2016, Cosumar Group invested in a sugar refinery plant in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Yuban, in partnership with Wilmar International and local port companies. Construction of this refinery, with a capacity of 840,000 tons per year, began in 2017

In 2018, Cosumar announces its participation in Camaguey in Guinea Conakry, which specializes in white sugar packaging.

In 2019, the Group celebrates its 90th anniversary with a new visual identity and signature, and begins a technological transition of its agricultural upstream processes


The Cosumar Group, leader in the production of white sugar in MOROCCO, ensures the extraction from local sugar plants, the refining of imported raw sugar, the packaging, distribution and export of white sugar in different forms. Cosumar, the only Moroccan sugar operator, is present throughout the territory through its five subsidiaries: Cosumar SA, Surac, Sunabel, Suta, Site de Zaio.


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