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India on the move cas

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- b. The gendercide in India

More of this, India knows another problem: 600,000 Indian girls go missing every year. Indeed, a lot of girls are killed at their birth because of many reasons. This practice is called a gendercide. There are several reasons of these murders. One is the dowry tradition: raise a boy is financially more attractive because you can receive money when the boy marry. A girl doesn’t seem as attractive as a boy because parents have to pay for her wedding. Another reason is boys can look after family business, the parents when they are old and transmit the family name. So, even finding out the sex of a baby before birth is illegal, sex-selective abortions are practised. In 2011, the gendercide has resulted in a gender imbalance as there are 940 Indian girls for every 1000 boys.

The text “Another Girl” by Shilpi Somaya Gowda is a good example. Kavita gives birth to a baby girl but her husband wants to get rid of their daughter. The women have no authority and can do nothing against their husband. That’s why women run away when they can, to find shelter and ask for charrities help to lead a new life.

In spite of these inequalities, we can imagine that her sister will probably to be taken care say that India is a country which is changing currently.


To conclude, India is the land of paradox and contradictions: ostentatious wealth and extreme poverty, deep-rootedbetween tradition and modernity. There are a lot of inequalities between the citizens and also between men and women. It's why we can qualify India as a country of contradictions.

What's the solution to balance this country of contradictions?

What's your opinion on that?


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