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Dossier de Bac Anglais: Christina Aguilera.

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Christina Maria Aguilera at age 35, born 18 December 1980 in Staten Island in New York, she is the daughter of Fausto Xavier Aguilera, a member of the army of the United States, and Shelly Loraine (née Fidler), a musician. It has origins Ecuadorian on his father's side and Irish on his mother's side. Due to the military service of his father, the Aguilera family moved in many places; including New Jersey, Texas, New York and the Japan. 6 years old, her parents divorced. According to Christina and her mother, her father was a violent man, and singer used music to deal with this daily. Young, Christina wanted to become a singer. She was known to be "a little girl with a big voice." and sang in contests and performances. At the age of 8, she won her first pageant of singing grace singing on I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. 15 mars1990, Christina appears in the Star Search show to sing A Sunday Kind of Love of Etta James, she finished in second position. At age 10, she sang the national anthem for the Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins, and at age 12, she made her entry into The Mickey Mouse Club, where she met Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Keri Russell. After the end of the show, she travels to enrich his vocal talents. In Japan, it saves All I want to Do Duet with singer Keizo Nakanishi. Back in the United States, she auditioned to interpret the theme song for Disney's Mulan: it recorded a demo on a Whitney Houston song she sent to the company. Disney gets in touch with her to announce that she will sing the song Reflection. First under contract with Disney, she signed eventually with RCA. As Christina becomes a singer author-composer-Interpreteen.


In 1999, she released her first album which is Christina Aguilera, whose first three singles (Genie In a Bottle, What A Girl Wants and Come On Over) are at the top of the charts in the United States. However, his other two albums, Mi Reflejo and My Kind of Christmas (2000), do not have success, and during the promotion, Christina is categorized as 'bubblegum pop singer. In 2002, she breaks her image in the creation of his fourth album, Stripped (2002) which shows a side more soul, hip-hop and rock. In his fifth album, Back to Basics (2006), it incorporates musical genres such as blues, soul, and jazz. In 2010, she released her sixth album, Bionic, which is electro pop. That same year, she appeared in the film, Burlesque, alongside the singer Cher, Lotus. Since 2011, Christina is part of the show, The Voice coach. In 2012, she released her seventh album. She is the Ambassador of the World Food Programme organization. Throughout his career, Christina Aguilera receives numerous awards such as the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards. She also has her own star on the Walk of Fame. In 2012, the number of album sales is estimated at over 35 million in the United States and 90 million records worldwide, since the beginning of his career. It is part of the list of the "100 greatest singers" established in 2008 by the famous music magazine Rolling Stone where it is ranked in 58th position. It is also mentioned in 2013 by the American magazine TIME among the most influential people in the world.

Personal Situation

To speak about her private life Christina is a divorced woman having two child, a girl and a boy, by father different.


In 12 years of career, Christina Aguilerawas the égerie of many marks. For these marks she made publicity of, as: in 2000: Coca-Cola; in 2003: Motorola; in 2004:Mercedes-Benz Classe A.


I find that this singer in a splendid voice. Itis a pity that she does not make single anymore.


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