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Same sex mariage in Switzerland

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In addition, the Conservatives reasoning is mainly influenced by the religious ideology, more specifically Christianism in Switzerland. As they consider homosexuality as unnatural, they are outraged by the idea of same sex marriage. Indeed, in 2013, the Christian-democrate party (PDC) tried to introduce a law that would provide some benefits to married couples. Introducing this law would have resulted in emphasizing the notion of “couple” as being a union between a man and a woman by putting it into the Swiss Constitution (Administration fédérale), and hence stand against same sex marriage. Major societal clashes result consequently to the gap between the strong influence of religion, and the fact that Swiss mentality has been evolving toward homosexual community. Indeed, more and more TV shows and series are showing homosexuality on screen, such as the famous coming-out of Ellen DeGeneres in 1997, or Orphan Black, the Canadian TV show. Also more and more associations, such as Pink Cross, LGBT youth or PsyGay, websites such as CenterLink and events like their Prides have been created since the early 20th century.

Despite these changes, it seems that moral set in stone has not been able to follow this particular major societal change, as Christian ideology has been fixed for the last two millenaries.

Considering that religious moral has always been an undeniable cultural standard, it is therefore comparable to the traditions we previously mentioned. Thus, just as those traditions, religious moral should probably be reconsidered in its efficiency to adapt to societal evolution and needs.

Same sex marriage is a topic which matters to all the gay and lesbian people who would like to engage. Consequently, its ban in Switzerland is an issue for them as they are not considered equal to heterosexuals on the marital status. As we previously mentioned it, there are married couples without children, as well as there are single-parent families who have children. Therefore, refusing same sex marriage on the pretext that a child needs both a father and a mother figure, or that marriage is done in the purpose of having children does not stand up. The different sources and findings regarding traditions, and the Swiss people’s fear of change emphasized my opinion on that topic, as there was no solid argument against allowing same sex marriage. Indeed, as the research has demonstrated, old traditions were changed for the better, and administratively speaking, it would only result in insignificantly small changes. People would be free to maintain their daily routine and it is for this reason that same sex couples should as well be free to get married. Concerning the religious aspect, there is clearly a need for reconsidering the importance attached to commonly adopted principles. By all counts, there is no wonder that same sex marriage should be allowed, as it would provide equality and fulfilment to same sex couples, and that there is no convincing argument for refusing it.

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