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Synthèse, Mythes et héros: how can Pokemon Go and the augmented reality games have an impact on our lives and is it a good or a bad one?

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Another danger is the fact that robbers can lure you into coming in dark alleyways with pokestop in order to rob them of their phones.

So, even if augmented reality, pictures you your surroundings, it doesn’t show you the different dangers next to you so you have to be cautious for your sake and the others’.

To put it in a nutshell, we saw that Pokemon Go is a game that had a quite impressive effect on our society. But we saw that there aren’t all positives so should it stay or should it go? Should we be scared of it or not?

In an article from Hari Kunzru, he seems afraid that people with those kinds of games will begin to share different kinds of reality by creating new ones. So people won’t share the same usual activities or experience and will forget what true life is. Furthermore, he says that people will create kind of “filter bubbles” in which poverty could be erasing.

They would only see the thing they want to see and not the things that could disturb them. So it would be a vicious circle where people would become more and more isolated and far from reality. Personally, I think he is over-dramatizing the situation because it’s only one game where you can’t do any of these things.


To conclude, in my opinion, augmented reality games, as Pokemon Go, are a major breakthrough in technology and may have a huge impact in our life and society in the future however you have to cautious with your utilisation of the game because it could lead to dangers and social isolation if you don’t pay attention but the risks are quite negligible compare to the experience these games can provide.


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