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Myths and heroes - How can myths and heroes influence people’s career ?

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Then myths and heroes can become role models for other people through the heroic acts they have been able to accomplish and through the "dream" profession they perform. Often, these are jobs with high responsibility where important risks exist. First of all, I am thinking of all those who often remain in the shadows: firemen, police officers, cops, nurses, surgeons ... They perform heroic tasks every day: they guarantee our safety and our good health. Firefighters, for example, are ready to risk their own lives to get us out of the flames. We also saw the case of Edward Rickenbaker: he was the best American aerial fighter of the 1st WW and of course the first Deutsch Army’s enemy. When he had been engaged for the 2nd WW, in the Pacific, he had to land on the sea because of a tecnic problem and he survived during 24 days, living on the open-cockpit plane, drinking rain water, hunting birds, fishing. He is a hero because he was the best pilot and contributed greatly to the victory against the German enemies but also because he survived this nuisance. Finally, to illustrate this influence that heroes have on people, we can talk about the document where Eddie is really proud of his father and he admired him. He says he would like to be a pilot as well later and use strong-meaning adjectives to describe him “intense energy” “eagerness”. The father is a hero because he has a really important job and he has an influence on his son who wants to be the same courageous and heroic man.

To conclude, we can say that heroes and people who have become mythical through their atypical career, their determination and their heroic actions influence the career of people. Indeed, it is human to admire certain people and want to reproduce their journey. By identifying with these heroes, people can be pushed up.

However, some heroes have a limited positive influence. This is the case, for example, of F Castro, whom I studied in the Spanish class: for the older generations he was a hero because he saved the country from dictatorship and famine but the more current generations see it as A tyrant, very authoritarian and responsible for many executions. He's not really a track to follow.


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