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Management swot

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Legal structure

Our company will be registered as a private limited liability company. In Lithuania it will be called UAB „ Mobilus restoranas“. According to Lithuanian policies, the start-up capital of a company must be higher than 10000 Lt in order to register the company as UAB. Also, there should be no more than 250 shareholders inside the company. Finally, the organization can’t distribute shares outside the company.

We will need to collect several documents in order to be registered as UAB Company. Also, the bank account with minimum capital must be opened, as well as a bank certificate proving the availability of the funds should be obtained. Besides that, the owners of the company should get a confirmed electronic signature from the Centre of Registrar of Certificates. Also it is important to complete VAT registration, because annual turnover is expected to be more than 155,000 LT. Finally, the company should obtain the official seal of the company.

Ownership Structure

The owners of the company will be the two general managers, who will run the business. They will be responsible for hiring new employees. Also, they will manage their documents and their salaries. GM will supervise all of company‘s employees. Therefore, the owners must be management experts. They will be the most important figure for the company, since they will take responsibility for all activities of the company”. The general managers will make all decisions considering the operations of the business.

Organization Chart

The company will have 10 employees during the first three years of operations. The main management team will include two general managers. The general managers will constitute the board of directors. They will make major decisions about the organization. In addition to that the company will employ part-time marketing company that will help the store to increase sales, but this will not include in the number of 10 employees. The company will also employ sales people and chefs for operating the mobile restaurants.

[pic 1]

The organization will have a vertical information flow. The information will flow upward and downward. All decisions will be made by the general managers and will be communicated to lowest chain part. Employees will be able to communicate their suggestions and thoughts about the business to the general managers directly. Thus, it is expected that no problems with communication will appear.



Marketing objectives

Our main marketing plan objectives:

- Awareness (to make customers aware that new restaurants are available).

- Gain popularity between our potential customers and till the end of the first year to attract 15% of them.

- To generate revenue of 4 804 575 Lt in the first year.

- In the second year to increase our sales by 60% and the third year sales by 20% comparing to the second year.

- To become a new business people attribute of a healthy lifestyle.

- To become a new trend for youths, where they could have a conversation with friends.

- To become recognizable and most trusted mobile restaurant brand in the capital city of Vilnius.

Marketing strategies

Target market

In Vilnius there are about 400 cafés and restaurants, most of them are located in the city center. For business people, who work in business centers distant from the old town arise a problem, how to have a time to drive to nice restaurant, to dine and come back to work during one hour length lunch break and for students restaurants and cafes in old town and city center is not affordable.

Our main target group would be employees of business centers, who will be having whole meal lunch. Average income of our primary target group is approximately about 2500 Lt, so we could do the assumption that they could afford to spend from 17 to 22 Lt for the lunch every day. Our customer age is about from 20 to 35 years, because these people lifestyle is similar to west Europeans or Americans, which are mostly open for innovativeness and search ways to eat healthy and at the moment save their time.

Secondary target group is youth, who is always in a hurry and do not have time to drink cup of coffee with their friends. This target group could be named as an active students for whom 24 hours is not enough to do everything they have planned. This target group income is not as high as the first groups, but they still will visit our restaurant because of a new trend and during their conversation with their friends they could afford to drink a cup of coffee with some snacks or desserts from our menu.

Positioning statement

Mobile restaurants are going to be the only one restaurant brand in Lithuania, which have wheels and could be moved in every place, which has a parking lot. It would be the first restaurant positioned as mobile and flexible, which provide high quality whole meal food in convenient location only in a several minutes from taking the order. The time spent in the mobile restaurant would not exceed the time you eat in a fast food restaurant (McDonald’s), but the quality of the food will make you feel healthy and active to do the remaining job after lunch, and the place we are located will decrease your lunch and journey time minimum by 20 minutes.

Marketing mix

Brand name

Mobile restaurant name would reflect our two main advantages among our rivals. Mobile will mean that we are quick, movable, live and flexible. Restaurant - that we are qualitative and ready to serve food, which is fresh, tasty and affordable.


Our business lunch menu would differ from fast food and would not be a junk food, because we would provide only regular dishes which is usual in normal restaurants, also our service would be fast comparing to regular restaurants, because you would not need to wait half an hour


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