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What are the critical factors you need to consider in any promotional strategy for an international hotel chain?

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The Internet is one of the latest arrivals, but it is very successful thanks to the various advantages it offers. On the one hand, communication on the Internet is very flexible. It goes from a simple advertising banner to more complex and interactive campaigns. The wide audience and diversity of advertisers make it an effective tool to publicize its product or service. The cost of purchasing space remains for the time still quite cheap and are often adjustable according to the audience. This also makes it possible to open borders beyond the local level. On the other hand, it is useful in addition to the use of another method and remains particularly powerful when it becomes interactive. On the other hand, it makes it possible to involve more consumers who no longer feel as simple receivers of advertising messages. Finally, it offers statistical measurements with campaigns that can be analyzed sometimes in real time. However, the Internet is rarely designed to contribute to brand awareness and remains perceived as intrusive by consumers.

Fourth, Adaptation to the customers, the company must adapt to customers to sell and fire the promotion of its customer.

Chaque client est différent, vous ne pouvez pas vous comporter de la même manière avec chacun d’entre eux. A vous de vous adapter à la personnalité de votre interlocuteur afin qu’il se sente en confiance en votre présence, et ainsi instaurer une certaine complicité.

Observer son interlocuteur...pour mieux lui ressembler !

To conclude, the promotional strategy is important for the company. Nowadays a company has to adapt to the customer and the evolution of the means of communication. The use of social networks has become a necessity for companies because of the strong development of these. In addition, a company must target its customers to reach as many potential consumers as possible. The promotional strategy is important and necessary for the development of the image and the marketing of a product.

« For a business, do not realize it's like making a girl's eye in the dark. You know what you're doing, but no one else knows it. »

Stuart H. Britt



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