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What are the causes that lead to the increase rate of deforestation?

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increased 2.76 times according to an assessment by the World Wildlife Fund-Guianas (Staff, 2010). This article can be considered as a credible source of information because first, it has been written by three well known researchers, whose are the founders of the program for the Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management, and peer reviewed. Second, all data and statistics given are referenced at the end of the article and can be verified through other sources. Although this article majorly discusses mining as a cause of deforestation, its main objective was to call people attention on the fact that mining represents a major risk for our environment, and make them realize that important regulatory measures must be taken to prevent this issue from growing. This source will especially be useful to my research argument as it addresses all of the different subtopics of my argument and contains very detailed information, which will help me explain them thoroughly. It also provides good statistics and clearly answers a significant portion of my research question. I was interested in this source because I did not know before that mining could be a reason for deforestation. As a solution, I suggest that mining companies replant the trees that they cut down when they finish their operations.

Lam, Paulina . "5 Big Causes of Deforestation and How You Can Stop It." One Green Planet. N.p., 14 Aug. 2013. Web. 30 Mar. 2017.

In this article, Paulina Lam is very pragmatic while giving the causes of deforestation. She argues that one of the main reasons of deforestation is due to agriculture expansion. Due to the overgrowing demand for food products, trees are cleared so that the land can be used to grow crops as much as they can. A great example for this type of situation can be seen in Indonesia. She stated that in Indonesia, an increase in demand of commodities such that soybean and palm oil drives industrial producers to cut down the trees at an alarming rate. This article is a scholarly source because the author’s research claims are documented. She used cited sources to inform and convince her audience, which are both the advocate and the opponent of deforestation, that agricultural purposes is one of the main cause of tree removal. I believe that it is possible to meet people demand without deforesting. That could be done by addressing agriculture. Indeed, private sector responsible for deforestation can enforce the environmental regulations.

Butler, R. THREATS TO RAINFORESTS FROM HUMANKIND. 2013. Malaysia. Web. 30 Mar. 2017

In this photograph which is obviously a visual text, Butler make use of a pie chart to show that logging activities causes as well deforestation. The chart points that 10 to 15 % of the land are used for logging. This activity in fact gathers trees so that the wood can be used for construction manufacturing. I think that this source is a solid one because without any particular bias, it clearly and effectively expressed its ideas and supported them with data and statistics. The objective of this article was to show that a worldwide effort needs to be made if we want to reduce the consequences of logging activities. Using this article as a source, I could inform my audience of the amount of land that logging occupies and by the same way raise awareness of the extent to which it negatively impact our atmosphere. Logging activities can be reduced if we go paperless. For example, instead of sending paper bill and check, we can do it electronically.


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