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Spaces and Exchanges: what is real american dream and hoow does the immigration impact in US the past 2 centuries?

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Mexican immigrants face the hazard when trying to cross the American border, even more when the US authorities have built a wall and a surveillance system to deter migrants. In Ana’s case she had to play smugglers to sneak across the border. She also faced the difficulties of integration because in the US she had to find a place to live; she had to pay a broker to find a job as quickly as possible to pay people back and being undocumented she has no right.

But years later she earns more and more money and she makes a big progress and give a lot of effort to the day when she stuck in this new lifestyle, this comfortable life where she can make the most of consumerism. She is stuck because life is way to different to Mexico and she is forced to stay far from her family to earn money and send it to her family.

To talk about american opinion, the caricature called "The other side of the coin" studied in class may illustrate the actual side of United States, the opposite side of the people and immigrant dream. Caricature divided in 6 box where we see that people do low skilled job. People think that they can find a good job, because they are full of dreams, but actually they don't like they job and they got trapped. They want to get something better, we can see that they are hard faced and just pretend that they are good.

How does the immigration impact on the US?

American people will always remember his past and people remember as a hard time. But through the time people became very open minded and have mix of cultures that are a treasure for them. The wave of immigrants come to have a job, and this activity make America big strong nation whit strong economy. People made America great and the richest country in the world. I can wonder if America was as she is today if these events never happen...


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