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Notion Spaces and exchanges: Why did people immigrate to the USA through the centuries ?

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As it happened, Time's model was not a real person but a digital composite. She was created on a computer by "morphing" men and women of various races. As Time's editors explained, this was a preview of the type of offspring likely to emerge in 21st century America.

The magazine cover captured an essential truth about the United States today. We live in an increasingly diverse and increasingly mongrel society, a nation of blurred boundaries and bizarre extremes. Never before in history has a society been as diverse as the U.S. is today. And never before have so many different traditions, beliefs and values been integrated in a single culture.

The melting pot suggests that athnic groups may be unable to preserve their cultures. On the contrary , the salad bowl concept suggests that the integration of the many cultures combine like a salade. Unfortunately , many Americans regard the "browning" of our population as a profoundly disturbing trend. Miscegenation is still frowned upon in many quarters. As recently as a half-century ago, some states still had laws in place forbidding interracial marriage.

Finally , the 3rd and last document is an interview of two women : Fang-Yi Sheu comes from Taiwan whereas Farah Nafici from Iran. They both moved to the US for different reasons.

Fang Yi was very eager to succeed as a dancer , her ambition drove her to emigrate to NY to become a professional modern dancer , she hoped to fulfil her dream that she couldn't realise in Taïwan . She feels "happy and sad" , she feels homesick and think that she can't be completely happy in Ny although dancing is her passion

Farah Naficy joined her mother who wanted more independence, to the US and settled in California. However, she didn’t stay there. Farah returned to Iran when she was an adult. In 1982, she had to flee from her native country so She became a refugee. Farah Nafi cy has mixed feelings towards her new country. When she was a teenager, she didn’t feel integrated but she felt proud to be an Iranian-American. She felt like a foreigner.

Yet, when she returned to the US to flee the new political regime, she felt more at home .

To put in a nutshell , we can say that the USA is one of the most famous place to emigrate because it's a rich and powerful country and people around the world still believe in the American Dream , they think that they can have a better life with a new start and they can integrate the country easily as it's a multicultural country.


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