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Spaces and conflicts : violence

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calls the shopkeeper a "paki bastard" this kicks of the scene where he tries to kick Shaun out of the shop, starting by a chase around the shop, the chase is filmed from one angle and shows that skinheads were full of kids. these actions potray a childlike view which is partly correct as the film is about the director Shaun Meadows childhood.

When Conbo ewnters the shop he acts innocent and agrees with the shop keeper about Shauns bad behaviour, this allows the audience to be aware of the real Combo but the shop keeper to be unaware. Whilst the shopkeeper is holding Shaun, Combo pulls out a Knife which he points at the shopkeeper calling him a "Paki" here there is a close up of Combo’s facial expression which enforces his racist values. the close up shows the hate and anger he feels towartds the shop keeper without even knowing him, which puts across the ideology that racism was against anyone who was noit white. after Shaun leaves the shop Combo moves closer to the shopkeep "his dad was killed in the Faulklands war, and for what? you people move to this country and take all our jobs" (not exact words) Combo’s speach here demonstrates what the Nashanel frunt were and what they stood for... with a close up in this shot (close up of the face being very common throughout the film) shows the seriousness of Combo’s ideas, his face being screwed up and into the moment shows that he was affected by the fauklands war or imigrants at some point in his life, this subject is shown to be dear and personal to him. in the 1080’s


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